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3 5 i J ■■T71 's- CO O3 -.3 - ■ ny ntipf f oit A cofi ovr-f oat r tt I'aint Viidoy, run it to CMirci Sumïty. Eiglit Tabliioriable Êhaiies: Llck. M. troon," Vcniiilion i,Iue, Yeiw, O:ive LaKe, liriwstcr í.t I Dr eens. Nj Varaihtn nccesry Driri ImnJ iili n 'Vhii1." une Coox mul job is done YOÜR BUQCY Tip tp fr Ch,iir;, Lawn Srats. Sash. Flower I t Ctfriage, CMrt-iin Holes, liimiuirx. Pri.r L'oi rt. ."■■■.v-rt .-í.-onT, S reen Doon. Bostt Man ks Jrm lcncc. il i.ict cicrythinff. Just ihc tlii.ig for the ladics to use about tlie house FOR ONE DOLLAR G0f8 HONËST Are you goii g ' ? Palnt Ihft ycar? Ifso. don't juy a pntnt rontain.Dg w iter or wlven 'or Hic Satne moncy (or ii:t; so) you can procure l01T A I'(JS 1'tl.fc l'Vl f that iswarranUd to bean HO3..8T, (KMI! K M SKÜD-OIL PAINT and frec from water and benzine. lh'Oinnd thin lirniirt nml (;i!c no nllmr, Machams handlint are otir .icnts and aulhortscd by u-., in writing, to nrrant il ld wnr Sn:A;Hv Ct COAT1J 5p S TKARS Ui a ÍÍHT8. Our S!uid cre the Latent StytcS ■icrl in ii ' -comingo m t'it Mest, ani ip wiiii the times rrythis ir i ■ II0NKS1 PllJTT and ynu wíH nevcf regrd i: This ro the wisc is súíGcient HCüSEPAINT CCiï'S FLOOR PAINTËH Plnt f)'.it -i'vrr rfned beynnd the stiel rtïic .. w .poil the job, ami Üwn iwearï Xext litnc . . LI fm r,f PO'S FUtOH P4IÏTI ■ i ■,-■ ...r .1, ; suitablei h.iic,, KrrrntH to dry i;r.i :, .1 r,.i U o.r liiglit. No Irouble No -_ ' 'QKTDBYSTtOKY Lil "Ia L- río 5 til = „U -'JTw = „ o ?O SB Ifl -: c 3 Is % ui I! fía S5l' Lr


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