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James Ryan, of Dexter is visiting his parents. Dr. P. C. Jansen, of Chicago, is visiting in the city. L. J. Liesimer and wife spent the fourth in Saline. Miss Eliza Ladd is spendinsr the summer in Charlevoix. Fred D. Stimson and family are visiting in riainfleld. Dr. Ii. C_ Adams has gone to California for the summer. Dr. G. W. Palmer, of Chelsea, was in the city Mondiiy. Mayor Bogardus, of Ypsilanti, was in the city Saturday. C. Bailey, of the Jackson car shops, is visiting his parents. Will Hammond, of Jackson, spent Sunday with his father. C. H. Gibson and family are visiting at White Lake, Micta. Dr. Sewall and family started for California, Wednesday. Mrs. Wm. Durham, of New York. is Visiting Mis. Alfred Hunt. Prof. J. B. Davis has returned from the upper peninsula. Charles Ashley, of Toledo, was visiting here the last of the week. Mrs. Mary Johnson, of Grass Lake, has been visiting in the city. Rev. VV. M. Campbell and wife of Fourth street are in Bay View. Herman Walter, of the Michigan cart works, Jackson, is ia the city. Miss Kittie McIntyre is home from Monroe for the sumnaer vacatiou. J. K. Pond, of Chicago, has been visHing at his fathers, E. B. Pond. Seward Cramer, who recently went to Trinidad, Colorado, is very ill. Joe. Stimson is back from Minnesota, He is going north in a week or two. 11. F. Sanford aud daughter are visiting relatives in Iowa and Minnesota. S. W. Clarkson and family visited in Tecumseh, Tuesday and Wednesday. County clerk Howlett and family spent the fourth at Cavanaugh Lake. Mr. and Mrs. J. Read, ot Chicago, are visiting their father, Daniel Hiscock. Mis. E. S. Dunster and daughters, are recreating in Passaic, NewJersey. Mrs. Sidney C. Eastman, of Chicago, is visiting at her father's Israel Hall's. Bishop Gillespie, of Grand Rapids was in the city last Friday and Saturday. N. Kyer's and Wiil Stimson's families occupy a cottage at Whitmore Liake. Miss Carrie Orr. of Hanover, Mich., is visiting Miss Mclntyre of Spring street. Miss Agnes McCune, of Chelsea vlsited at Sheriff Walsh's the last of last week. Mr. and Mis. W. G. Doty and Ralph, went to Manchester for the 4th of July. Miss Clara Wheeler returned home last Thursday after a year's absence in Europe. Mr and Mrs. W. K. Childs spent Sunday at Mr. Childs' boyhood home in Augusta. Mrs. William Welch. of Clinton, has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Frank Burg. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Davison, of Adrián, are visiting their son, Charles B. Davison. . Mr. Albert E. Schulz and wife, of Detroit, are visiting relatives in this city this week. Mr. Chaa. T. Schleede, and Miss Ida Schulz. of Jackson, visited relatives the ürst of the week. Mrs. J.McFall, of Brazil, Ind., is visiting at her mother's, Mrs. Keelers, on Fountain Street. Mrs. M. Wheeler and Mrs. A. Warden left for the south yesterday to visit their mother. Mrs. B. F. Watts left on Monday for Flint, where she will spend the summer with her sister. Miss Carrie Britton, of Detroit, who visited Miss Birdie Bliss last week, returned home, Monday. William Tuomey has returned from Alpena, where he has been in Blitz & Lancsdorf's stores. Mts H. HUI, of Grand Rapids, with her son Frank, is visiting her sister, Mis. Willium Denman. Mrs. M. E. Kane, of Mount l'leasant, ís visiting hsr sister, Mrs. G. W. Cropsey. for a few days. Miss Eva Richtmeyer, of Jerome, Mich.,is to spend the summer at her cousin's, G. W. Cropsev's. William Neville, of Detroit, is. spending a couple of weeks with his granddaughter, Mrs. Wm. Walsh. Mrs. Dr. T. J. Sullivan, of Chicago, is visiting her mother, Mrs. McManus, of North University avenue . Mr. August Kessler and wife, of Jackson, was visiting friends the first part of the week in this city. Greville E. Morgan, who has been visiting C. W. Mellor, started for British Uolumbia, yesterday. Mr and Mrs. Rarvey liliss, of Detroit, were the guests of Mrs. J. J. Goodyear the first of the week. Miss Hattie Bemiss, of Providence, R. I.,is visiting her cousins, W. K. Childs and Mrs. Robert Campbell. Miss Maud Gates, of Owosso, who had been visiting Miss Hattie Benham retunied to her home Tuesday evening. Mrs Geo. M. Beakes and children, who has been visiting her son, S. V. Beakes, returned to New York yesterdav. Judge and Mis. E. D. Kinne have gone to the White Mountains. They will recréete in Nantucket before thair retwrn. Miss Mary Caffereta, Mrs. Jame Schiapicasse's sister who is on her way to Italy for a visit. has been heard froin n Paris. Master Wm. Flacigan left town Saturday for Hillsdale to visit some , fnends. He expects to be absent all summer. Hon. C. R. Whitman and wife start lor Denver, Colorado, Monday nighc, for a three weeks' vacation among the mountains. Seward Cramer has returned from Colorado, and reporta that if he owned Washtenaw country, he would not Rive it for all of Colorado. Louis Lee has been re-engaged as principal In the Flint high school with a salary of $1,100. He is at present in the city enjoying the racation. Dr. Thos. Phillips, who La; been in Dr. Frothingham's office for the past year, has located in Milwaukee, leaving for his new home Tuesday evening. Mr. L. C. Noble, of Houghton,Texas. master mechanic .of the Houghton & Texas Central Ry. Company, is visiting his brother-in-law, Judge N. W. Cheever. E.B. Abel has so far recovered from his recent illness as to start yesterday morning for a trip to the White Mountains and a visit to his home in New York. Miss May Butler, who has been visiting Miss Lula Southrnayd on Thompson street. returned to Grand Rapids. Tuesday, Miss Southmajd accompanying her. Postmaster Gillen, of .Saline was in the city Friday. Although Mr. Gillen wasn't talking politics on his trip here, it is safe to remark that there are few better political hustlers than he is.