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The' Varsity Girls

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I spent a day in Ann Albor last weekliie city is the educatioual capital of the State, and it is really an Arbor, for ihere are trees everywhere. Every 3treet isshaded and the hills are cover3d withforest. But the beauty of the L'niversity town is its co-educational features."Fair girl graduates with their solden bfiir," and also their black and brown and ruby.colored locksaoound in the learued town. O graduation dav they wore the most jaunty costumes, aud on top of al! was that equilateral triaugled arrangement ealled a ínortarboard, the sides of wlnch parallel to each other and eqiiiil and the augles oppositetheequal sides bein? equal to each other,each to each, nhich was to be demonsti-ated. The girls w ore this mortarboard on top of their shilling curls with a rakish set that the Oxford "man" can never hope to attaiu. Talk about divinity students! If those girla were nottlie most suWimely divine studeuts I ever saw then I ktiow nothingof the blessings of eoedueation. , „ Quite anumber of the young laches liad bad their portraits taken in educatioual cap and gown, and I stoud in front of one of the photographic eroups tor hours and hours. Wheii the lieai tless prósaic policeman orderea me to move on I merelv ent round the ulock and carne back U the same facinating spot wliere that photograph was. Tliere were about a dozen girls in the group, and eaeh one was simply dis-tractingly pretty. I don't know how the faculty expects the average susceptible young man to gradúate with so much loveliness around him to knock tne co-signs and uaefuljalgebraic formula out of his head. I confess that I eould not make up my mind wbich te clioose in thatentraneing pliotosraphic group. ihe girl with the glasses was charminglv Bostiuique. The one to tne rigbt, with the sausy tip to the ïnortarboard, was perfectly lovely. So was the diiinure voung ladv lo the left. The one with ■bS": ma i ked on her scuolastic cloak wasjust too sweet for anythmg, and the one with- it's no use. I caut cboose. ... , . I wisb the University of Michigan would follow the example of Ooniell and establish a school of journalism. [ would like to take the professors chair in that departmentat a verysmall Sain'thedñzzlii)L;raiii I wrote the following Unes, which I respectfutly dedícate t'.i the pretty CtASSOF "88." Oh, charming giris of '881 ] bifterly beruoan the fate That landed me m 'ïï Aud tliereby made tne miss tlie beaven- Ly class of ' Oh. lovely girls oí 'SS! g l walkeddown the Ruede State In fair Ann Arlor town, 1 BawaphAtographloprtnt, Mounted on cardol amber tint; A group ol sweet and pretty glvls, Where some had bange and some uad curls, „liutuü had cap and ggifiiOh, grtrls! oh.girkof '88! The dar was vet, the hour was late, J stood theie in tie taUlng ram; [ knewl'd miss the eveuiug train; ButLarly. late, wet or dry, . I breathed a long regrettul steh, 1. t hink that you and yet not I, Belonged to '8. . Beauty and graee oí '881 You look so learned and sédate In Mortarboard and gown. Wliat awful lots of things you know HowwaterlsbutHaO: The cause of swift paralysis; Thespeotrumanalysis: How to pi-onounce in proper tettle That mouutain, Popocatepetl. The nattened parallel Achenia: . The tates l'rom Manie to lair ïrginia, The iifteen flowered Sericoearous : The whaio, the sword ösli and tne pcrpoise. You know mínutely eaeh particular Of how a straight line perpendicular Uisects some obtusestupiü anirle And leads us to a tiresome jangle About tbe ng'ure ABC, being thereiore equal to U. And soquod erat demonstrandum AU things exact and none at rundoni, You've gathered this enormous knowledge liv da-s and days at that big college In fair Ann Aibor towu. Yet, gradúate of '88, When you and he lean o' er a gato Before'your father's door, Those learned. abstract, useful theraes Will theu g-ive place to sweeter dreams; Buckward will turn the yeara for ywu, ïhat grammarlessou meant for two You will recite. Thenieand y,u oi '88 The verb "to love" will conjúgate Soniestarlightnight. Tuat tender verb of school-day hours. Perfumed with breath of woodland flowers. Excels all college lore. I know the trutli of whatl state, Though you're Win '88 And I am 44.


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