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Dr. C. W. Mead, of Dundee, has located in Ypsilanti. The Ypsilanti exodus to Detroit on the fourth was 5S4strong. Bridgcwater school district No. I, held their picnic at Joslin lake. The Manchester school house will be thoroughly repaired before school opens again. Ypsilanti has tvventy four physicians. It ought to be a healthy community. Fred Martty, of Manchester, is $10 richer because he took the Commercial Advertiser. The rush of new physicians for Ypsilanti should stir up the question of vvaterworks in that city. At the bain raising bee of Gus Weis in Freedom, no less than 105 persons sat down to supper. The Horton base ball club defeated the Manchester nine at Clark's lake on the fourth by 4 to 3. Grass Lake talks of organizing a cavalry company or at least the editor of the Grass Lake paper does. Rev. J P. O'Brien, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, preached in the Congregational church in Ypsilanti last Sunday. Charles J. Curtiss clied ín Kalamazoo, July 3. He formerly resided in Ypsilanti and was twenty-five years oíd. Mrs. Robert Enghsh, of Manchester township, died June 3Oth, aged 64 years. She was one of the oíd pioneers. The recently organized Sunday school in Webster is officeredby Kirk Todd as superintendent and Will Wilson as assistant superintendent. The union service of the Ypsilanti churches next Sunday evening will be held at the Baptist church and will be addtessed by Rev. M. W. Fairfield. The larmers picnic will be held at Whitmore Lake August iSth, when an address will be delivered by President Willetts of the state agricultural college. The Dexter Leader of last week contains a column and a half article labeled divorce, which is simply an argument for free love. Have the free lovers found an organ? Wolverine lodge, No. 197, I. O. O. F., of Milán, has elected Asa Whitehead, N. G.; Frank Acker, V. G.; Williani H. Whaley, secretary and J. S. Bray, treasurer. The Ypsilanti dress stay factory has increased the number of its employees, lts an ill wind that blows no one any good and dress stays have their use in giving employment to girls in their manufacture. William McMullen and Miss Enima Undervvood, of Milan, were united in marriage July 4th, and will celébrate the anniversáries of their wedding and the birth of the nation on the same day hereafter. Smith Buttsdied in Augusta, June 37, of softening of the brain, aged 73 years. He removed to this county trom New York forty-six years ago and was highly esteemed. He leaves a wife and six children. One of the teacher? in the schools of the county was found by Secretary Warner to be absent f rom the school when he callee!. The secretarv had heard several classes before the teacher retuined to the school room. Dr. Thomas Shavv recently of Chelsea, has located on Huron street in Ypsilanti. The doctor was highly esteemed in Chelsea as a physician and citizen and had twice filled the office of president of the village. Charles Frebush, of Augusta, a seventeen year oíd lad, was instantly killed, June 3Oth, by shooting himself accidentally. He had gone to the fieids with his gun, to keep the squirrels out of the corn and in taking it up, accidentally discharged it. Stephen A. DeNike, who recently left Ypsilanti on account of his health, was killed by the cars in Moberly, Missouri last week. He was conductor of the train and in directing its movements, his foot caught in a frog, the cars backing over him. His iace was not mutilated. The remains were brought to Y psilanti. Savs the Ypsilantian: " A drive to Ann Arbor, this week, going by one road and returning by another, revealed inore fine looking wheat fieids than we had been led to suppose the región afforded. Indeed, we did not see one piece that did not seem to cover the ground with a good growth in apparent gobd condition. The timothy meadows, too, were simply beautiful - tall, even, clean ; and the mower had attacked several of them." Elmer E. Rouse leaves Saline tomorrow for Benton Harbor, Mich., where he has accepted a position as prescription clerk in a drug store. He has been in Mason's drug store in Saline and has many warm friends in that village. For a long time he has been the Argus correspondent in Saline and he has each week given our readers all the Saline news afloat. We have had many compliments upon the quantity and quality of the Saline items, for which the credit is due Mr. Rouse. A narrOw escape from death is tlius described in the Sharon correspondence of the Enterprise: "On Mondav torenoon Ben Myers was attacked by his black stallion at George Pixley's. The horse threw him down and kneeling down upon him tried to bite him; he then rose up, struck at him with his feet, and finally grabbed him by the calf of the leg vvirh his teeth and was chewing the life out of him, when Pixley came running from the yard grabbed up a club struck the horse a heavy blow which caused him to let go of Myers and run down the road. The Ypsilantian publishes the following "true" story from one of its correspondents from a neighboring town, for which however we do notvouch: "A citizen going to his home a few evenings ago was alarmed at a man lying by the road, pointing a gun at him. Not feeling quite ready to be shot just then, he fled as fast as he could, and alarmed his neighbor. Hastily arming themselves, they went cautiously to the spot, and to their astonishment found crouched upon the ground a lady's bustle. The brass part of the machine shining in the moonlight, looked like a gun".


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