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Real Estate Transfers

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JReeordëd during the week in the office of ihe Register of üeeds. Nlcholas Cordary to Eliza A. Cordary, Ypsiianti city 1 00 Rutli Ann Gasre to Clarence M. Gago, SylTOn, :.. 500 00 Martha E. Evarts to Thomas Birkett, -icio, 8,000 00 .Ii1mmm;i h'ncy to Oiicherine Brown, Ann Arbor city - 1 00 John Wesscr to Jaue Chase, Ann Arbor city, 1 00 MtirthaCooperto Jay Pr.itt, Dexter villaje, - 400 00 Hilo M. Conklin (o Jacob Fied' Kirn, Manchester 725 00 Maria L. Barker to Francés C. Sumner, Aun Axbor oity 1 00 Samuel P. Foster by exeoutor to Simou Straua, Ann Arbor city 900 00 J. H. Warner and wite to Walter Toop, Ann Arbor town .. 150 00 Patrick Farrel to llary Farrel, Dexter 1 00 George B. Bchletterly to George E. and E. Moore, Ann Arbor 300 00 Albert Sauer to Joseph F. Glaeser, Northfleld T40 00 Sarah L. Davisou to Herman and Titut F. Hutzel, Ann Arbor city 1 00 Samuel' P Jewett by exeeutors to Herman and Titus F. Hutzel, Ann Arbor 4,51)0 00 Willinm II. lüder and wife to Bradley M. Thompson, Ann Arbor city.. 4,300 Oo Philip Bach and wife to Alpheas Felch, Anu Arb( r city 5 00 Willhim H. Payne and wife to Alpheus Felch, Ann Arbor city 120 0 Relianee B. Dexter to Orrin A. Kelley, York. : 100 00 Wüliam H. Hack to Orrin A. Kelley, York ' 140 00 James Cosgrove et al to Ellen and Sarah Cosgrove, Ypsilunti city 1 00 John A. Browh et al to Clara Carr, Ypsilanti cily 1 00 Clara Carr to John A. and S. J. Brown, Ypsilanti city 200 00 Walter X. Kelley and wife to Joseph Schmitt, Augusta 50 00 Joseph Schmitt and wife to Charles Schmitt, Augusta 250 00 Samuel Begole by heirs to Elisha Loomis, Ypsilanti city 1,550 00 Henry E. Lutzen and wife to William and Ann Dusbiuer, Ypsilanti city... 900 00 Warren W. Tozer to Sophia Booth, Ann Arbor.. 5,200 00 Noab Kichardson by exeeutor to Charles B. Hebbard, Ann Arbor 6,250 00 Densmore Cramer and wife to Jeremiah Welsh, Lodi 200 00 Helen C'. Swift to Michael and Mary O'Brien, rps-ilanti city 500 00