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Children's Dress In Algiers

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The boys. when running about, wear notking bilt a long white ohemise and dark blue vest. but of all bewitching creatures ui the world the little girls can scm-cely be surpassed They are everywhere. and must strike a stranger, certainiy au artist. as a prominent feature of interest. Some are going to the baker's, carrying uubaked loaves piled on a plank on the liead. others. with little brass boxind buckets brimming with mük; singly. in crowds, aHvays fascinating, not only prctty but arrayed in an infinite variety of costu ajes, they dart froui shadow into sunlight. and disappear in a twinkling round a corner or through adoorway They wear. first. a white chemise with gauze sleeves. over it a gandoura, or chemise without sleeves, and reacking nearly to tbs anides, usually of printed calicó, glaring m color, and with spots, stripes, birds. branches and leaves; this gandoura is sometines of rich brocade or light silk, over the flrst they often wear a second gandoura of tulle with a design in it, ordiiKirily uothing more nor less than common white lace curtain stuff All the materials bang ümp and Öutter when they run; round tlip wuist a broad ceinture, and over the shoulders a little bodice. On the head a couical cap. always of cntnson velvet. more or less oraainented with gold thread. cbildren and unmarried girls weax them with a strap undertlie chin; raarried women tio theiu on with a colored


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