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The republican platform favors keeping a...

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The republican platform favors keeping a tax on flannel and taking it offwhiskey. VVho favors a party which can produce no better platform than that? There is a heavy tariffon iron and yet the iron manufacturera shul down because they say wages are too high. How does the tarifFraise wages in this case? The daily papers yet are filled with criminations and ïecriminations between the partisans of Sherman and Alger which denotes the bitterness engendered by the Chicago convention. Sherman charges that Alger bought the votes of many southern delegates and thus prevented bis nomination, vvhile Alger's friends claim that Sherman did the buying. Republicans should remember that these are the votes of chosen representatives of their party which are charged with being bought and sold and should ftel proud of the record. The Ypsilanti Commercial which is owned by two enterprising young men who have hitherto been republicans comes out for Cleveland and Thurman. Last week in speaking of its candidates it says: "We believe they should be elected to the great offices for which they are candidates, not merely because they are men in whose personal loyalty, integrity, and high moral patriotism, all have the utmost confidence, but primarily because the platform upon which they stand declares in unmistakable ferms, for tariff revisión and reform, a measure which is essential to the future prosperity of the people. The Post this week publishes extracts from the leading Germán pa pers of the country opposing the nomination of Harrison and denouncing the rejublican platform. To show how wide spread is the feeling among the Germán press against the republican candidates, we may remark that these extracts are from such papers as the Indianapolis Telegraph, Wachter Am Erie, New Yorker Staatszeitung, Baltimore Deutsche Correspondent, llHnois Staatszeitung, Cleveand Auzeiger and Cincinnat' Volksfreund. The Illinois Staatszeitung says that the Germans in Indiana, republicana as well as democrats, will not vote for Harrison because he favorecí the adoption of a prohibition amendment to the state constitution. The Gratiot county medical society has passed resolutions against the proposed removal of the medical department to Detroit. The Detroit papers, who are fond of insinuating that Ann Arbor is not working for the good of the University medical department, should make a note of this. This in surely disinterested testimony. It is not inspired by any feeling of personal pique, which is the real aninius which started the discussion for the removal to Detroit. Wesay again the medical department is stronger than the man who seeks to tear it down, even if that man does live in Detroit and !ias the backing of the Detroit press. There has been a great awakenng among the farmers of the ;ountry on the question of protection n the past five years. Farmers who were high protectionists five. years igo, believe in tariff leduction now. They have come to see that they are the producers of this country and that the prices on their products are iïxed in foreign markets. They get no benefit of an enhanced price from the tariff. At the same time they are compelled to pay a government tax or a tax to manufacturers on everything they buy. The reason no doubt for much of this change of sentiment is that the trusts and monopolies in this country have become so great and carry on their operation on such an extended scale that it has set the minds of the farmers at work and no one gives the tariff question serious and impartial consideration without coming to the conclusión that the tariff is too high. The tariff is nothing less than a tax and it ought to be a self-evident proposition that a tax greater than the necessities of a government demand is unnecessary and unjust But vvhen such a tax is so high tha it gives opportunities for manufacturers to form combinations and raise prices above what free and fair competition would put them, then such a tax is simply a method of extortion frftm the farmers, mechanics and citzens generally of the country, put into the hands of iniquitous trusts for the benefit of the millionaires of the country. It gives them opportunity, according to the Dresident of the republican national league "to make fortunes every year," while the farmer toils faithfully, sells his wheat at eighty cents a bushei and puts his hands down deeper in his pockets to allow fortunes to be made by certain individuals every year at the expense of the people.


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