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The Effect Of Protection

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Behold then, says the Boston Globe, the happy farmer as he rises in the morning and puts on his common flannel shirt, taxed 95 per cent. It is perchance cool, and he puts on a coat taxed 57 per cent. He cannot go out without shoes, taxed 35 per cent., and the hat that he has on is taxed 65 per cent. He draws watei in a bucket taxed 35 per cent., and washes his face and hands in a tin bowl taxed 35 per cent., drying them on a cheap cotton towel taxed 55 per cent. But still more happiness is in store. He sits down to breakfast and eats from a píate taxed 50 per cent., with a knife and fork taxed 35 per cent. The sugar he puts into his coffee is taxed S2 per cent., and he seasons his food with salt taxed 40 per tent. He looks fondly at his happy wife and children who share his protection with him, and then goes out and filis his pipe with tobáceo taxed 182 per cent., or perhaps lights a protected cigar taxed 118 per cent. Meanwhile the sun streams through the protected glass window of his domicile on a tax of 59 per cent. The thrice happy farmer now takes old Nell out of the stable and puts on a bridle taxed 35 per cent. A neighboring smith shoes her, using nails taxed 50 per cent, driven by a hammer that is taxed 20 pe1' cent. He then hitches her to a plow taxed 45 per cent, with chains axed 5S per cent, and proceeds to is highly protected labor. The days worfe being done he read a chapter from the family Bible axed 25 per cent, and kneels to jray on an humble carpet taxed 51 jer cent. At last he lies down and wraps his vveary Hmbs in a sheet taxed 45 per cent, and sinks into the dvms of Morpheus undei" a blanket that is taxed 104 per cent.


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