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Sheridan Reaches Nonquitt

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Nokquit, Mass., July ö. - The Swatara came to anchor off the" village at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, af ter a run of seven hours fi'om New London. About two hours aftervvard Geu. Sheridan was brought ashore without any apparent discomfort, and is now in his own cottage. He was somewhat restless Saturday night, and consequeutly was rather nervous yesterday; nevertheles his circulation continúes good and his general eondition is quite as favorable as when he left the Capes of Delatare. A large crowd of citizens and visitors watched the transfer of Gen. Sheridnn from the Swatara to the shore. The general lay on a couch in a small boat which was towed by the Swatara's steam launch. When the boat reacbed shallow water a dozen sailors waded out and lifted the bed, bearing it carefully to the shore. Mrs. Sheridan and two Sisters of Charity, .wuo have faithf ully attended the general, were brought ashore first, and %vere ready to receive and care for the patiënt as soon as he was safély borne to the cottage. The general is much pleased with his new quarters. He wanted to inspect tha whole cottage as soon as he arrived, but the doctors wouid not let him leave thu bed.


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