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fl Vf B R BOOK AGENTS U ál i ft ii HIGH TERMS AgeotB who hare had fine succe&s sbould wnte us in a lktticb (no postal cards) namee of books, date, nuniber eold in wht time.what terms received (full i'aeticulars), and obtais from no NEW PLAN and EXTRAORD1NARY DIBCOUNTB to better themselvcs onnew and fast-selllng bookb. HENRY BUCKLIN & CO., ST. LOUIS, MO %7#fcgea ' at home, and makc more money ■ I HHtwuiK.i) , tbau at anything elsein I UUthis worlil. Capital uot needcd jvouare arted tree. ISotb sexes.nll agea. Anyone can do the work. Lurse earnine sure Irom Örat tart. Costly outfit and terms l'ree. Better not dclay. CostB yo nothing to teud ua your address aoé ünd out; ii you .re T'ise you will dosoatonce. H.Halixt &fo..Poitlaud. Mairje Agents Wanted lor tne must complete popular fauiily physician book everproduced. Select aoraethiugTHOuooGHly useful, of irl'E valué, nud sales are always sure and large. ENTIHKLY XKW, up to the very latcst science, yet In plain laDgmige. A GEBAT NOVE LT Y in all its parts and attiacts instant attention. 2S0 enravings. The most profusely aud beautifully illustrated book of the kind ever got up. BEST OF ALL, it is 6Y FAR the LOVVEST-PJtilCED ever published- less tlian half the cost of any decent rolume yet out. Agents who are tired of strugeling with highpriced books, write for particulars oC this great new depatture in booküelling. PLANET PÜBLISHING CO. 203 Pine Street, ST. LOUIS, MO. Sidav's time given Agents without capita!.


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