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C. H. Millen Insurance Agent

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No. í South Main Se, Ann Arbor. The oíd est agencv In the city. Es tablished a quarter oí a century ago Itepresenting the following first-class companies. Home Ins. Co. of N. Y., - $7,000,000 Continental Ins. Co. of X. Y. 4,207,206 Niágara Ins. Co. of N. Y. - 1.735,563 Girard Ins. Co. of l'hüs. - 1,132,486 Oriënt Ins. Co. of Hartford - 1,419,522 Commercial Union of LondOH 12,000,000 Liverpool, London and Globe3? 'oo.000 fég Rotes lov). Loases liberally adjiistea and promptly paid. O. 11. M1LLEN. W. L. DOUCLAS S3 SHOE GENTSEN. The only fine cnlf $3 Seamlesí Shoe in the workl made without tacks or As stylish and durable Hts those costing $5 or 16, and havtnp no tacks ornails t weaVthe stuckinjf or hurt tíie feet, makes them as omfortabJe ond fitting as :i band sewed shoe. Buy the None jfenuine nuless starapcd on bottopi ' W , L. Ooulas$3 öhoe. warrtuntcd." W. I. OOUJTlas !4 Slioe. thc ori?in:il and onlv hanJ sewed welt Si shoe, which equais custom mude shoes costinj; froin g6 to $9. V. I., líoiiítlas $2.50 Shoe is unexceltfcd tor heavy ve;ir. "W. t,, Doujflas 2 Hlioe is wornby all boys, Hiid is the best school shoe in the world . All the above poodsiire made in Congress, liutton and T-ace, and ifnot Sold bv your dealer, write W. L,. iöouj{ias, Rrocktou, Mass. REINHARDT &. CO., AGENTS, Ann Arbor.


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