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THE CREAM OF ALL B00K8 OF ADVENTURE Condensed Into One Volume. PIONEER!. .DARING HÉROES MdDEEDS. The thrllUng adveutures of al the hero explor ers and frontier íiphters wíth lndiuns, uutlawa an wild beósts, over our wbole couutiy, irom th earliest time to the preeent. Livee and ttmioua exploitsof UeSoto, Lafcialle,Stftijdisuf Boone, Kent od, Brady, Crockett, Bowie, Houston, Carson Custer, California Joe, Wild Bill, BuííHlo Bil Generáis Miles and Crook, grerit Indian Chiefsant acoiee et others. 8PLENDIDLY ILLUSTKATKl with fine engravings. AGKNTS WANTED. Low-priced, and beutsauytbing to sell. Time lor payraents allowed agents short of funds. H. SCAMMELL&Cü., St. LOUIS, MO. STEPHEN PRATTS STEAM BOILER WORKS (Establïshed 1S65.) M:inuPr of Hijjh and low Pressure and SEeatn }Ic;itinjf Bnilersofatl kinds; smoke pipes, breachings, etc. Old boilers taken in ex chantre for new. Rivets, boiler plates and boiler tubes for sale. Cor. Foundry st , and Mich. Centra) R. R. tracks. DETROIT MICII. - "VVhy you should send us your orders. We handle Mfcw othint but BEiT and CHOICKST BRANDS; HU. Sellat Mm. u facturera' and lmjmrters' Pnces; BWfc Ship t ONH DAY PS NOTICE, ennblingr $T ÉEkmaS Tu to receive coods day foüowin: WWgPjMg Ftll rders for ALL. KINDS of Tmported "ttï WwA ■ H. ELL xnd American fflA?' IVAtw Pohshca Clati, teSfc 9 lMftv Roui;h and Ribbd KL9PB?9d. I-rrnrh Window. ■BkH 4BSm can Window, Enelish 36 ox. "■hTJWk.BMB Enamcllcd, Cut nd Cmbossed. flHLUk ifiu Rolkd Cnhedral, Venetian, Muffled, BJ33 Frosted Bohemfan, Germaa Lookinï BBwRO Glass Plates, French Mirror Pltcs. ÍÉB The qiulitf , Tariety and quantity of out stock is execeded by no house in the United States. WM. REID, 73 4 75 Uraad 8tr..t WmI, DETROIT, MICH. T. S.- Write for Pticcs. No troubl t inswer correspondence


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