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Trof E. L. V alter is in Italy. Prof. C. N. Jones is iu Milwaukee. Dr. Donald Maclean is in Detroit. Dr. V. C. Vaugban is in Germany. Trof. John V. Langley is in Europe. Prof. H. C. Adams is in California. A. C. McLaughlm is still in the city. Walter Miller is fanalox near the city. Prof. O. C. Johnson vvill re mam here. . Prof. A. Hennequin is wnting draProf. George S. Morris is at North Lake. Prof. Richard íludson is at the sea ehore. Dr. II. L. Obetz is practising in Detroit. F. G. Novy is in Europe with Dr. Vaughan. Dr. C. George is recoverins; f rom a surained leg. Dr. John A. Watling is pnlling teetli in Ypsilanti. Dr. Ilenry Sewell spends the sumnier in Colorado. J'rof. John Dewey is in Colorado with his faniily. Dr. Jonathan Taft spends the summer in Cincinnati. Prof. A. II. Pattengill bas not elaborated bis plans yet. Prof. C. M. Gayley is now in Fenton and later goes east. Prof. C. S. Denison is doing Europe during the vacation. Dr. J. N. Martin and wïfe are traveling through Europe. Prof. and Mrs. C. II . Stowell remain here this sumnaer. Librarían R. C. Davis is among the great libraries of England. Trof. P. B. dePont vvill stav here except f or a brief vacation. Prof. M. E. Cooley is visiting liis mother near Rochester, N. Y. T. C. Trueblood wil! devote liis attention to the school of oratory. Prof. I. N. Demmon is superintending the erection of his new home. Prof. W. W. Beman and family are enjoying their vacation in the east. Dr. II. S. Frieze will pass the summer in his pleasani home in the city. Dr. D. A. McLachlan has moved into his new residence on División street. Prof. II. S. Carhart has a new house on liis hands and will stav in the city. J. F. McCullough is another of those who have resigned for other positions. Prof . J. B. Steere will return f rom the Phillipine [slands before college opens. President J B. Angelí has no plans for the summer until after the regents meet. JLiudovic Estes has accepted a better paying position and lett the Uuiveisity. Prof. C. 13. Cady will conduct a school of music at Bay View beginniug July25th. Treasurer II. Soule goes to Cincinnati the last of the montli and later to Minneapolis. Prof. M. L. D'Ooge will not spend the summer inGreecebutin the modern Atliens oí the west. Secretary James H. Wade will spend the sammer onder the Tappan Oak superintendiiig repairs. . Prof. Henry Wade Hogers is still in the city but will leave for New Jersey about the lirst of August. Prof. Wm. H. Payne will return from Nashville to conduct his school of pedagogy here this summer. Prof. C. E. Greene devotes his attention this summer to the building of the Student 3' ühristian associatiou.


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