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The Age Of Science

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Aocording to insurance statistics more fires ai-e extmgiiishc'd by the use ot pails of water than by all other means. Oavendisli in 1766 discovered hydrogea, and betvreen 1774 and 1779 discovered oxygen. azote and nitrous gas. Asbestos elotbing bas been used by the Paris lire brigade uith success. and is soon to be adupted by the Loudon Üremen. The Electrical Review says the lightaing rod is a relie of uperstition, and will soon be regarded in the saaie light as a horseshoe over the door. The Russian petroleum is said to be vastly inferior to the American, emitting au unplcasant odor and a black smoke even when used in the best of lamps. Japauese engineers propose to adopt a system ot earthwork defensss protected by an iron shield one foot in thickness, and extending twenty-five feet each side of the gun. A new theory is that sha ving the beard, if long continued. cends to wealsen the nair of the head and causes it to fall out. The increasing Dumber of bald heads has to be accounteiï for in sorae way or other. As a wood preservative naphthaline is now largely usetl m Scotland, its acüon being to destroy all albuminoid compounds in the wood, teaving it dry and clean to handle, and ivith only a faiut aromatic smell. The naphthaline is melted in a vessel ca pable of being tigbtly seaJed, and in this the wood is saturated. Evidence exists that deaf tnutes are not eonfiued to the human raca Id a farmer'a berd Cor twelve years wosacow whicb oever gave aay signs of taearmg, and tbe evident attempts of bieb at lowing bad resulted in only a feeble guttural. Nothiug abnorraal could be diseovered in tbe ears or the vocal orgaus. The average watcb is ootnposed of 173 different pieces, comprising upward of 2,400 separate and distinct operatioiisin lts mauufacture. Tlie balance has 18, OUD beats or vibratious per bour, 12,96U,08ü in thirty days, 157,GSU,000 in one year, it travele 143,100 inches sntb each vibración, which is equal to 9% miles in tiventy-four bours, 29! miles in thirty days, or 8,058% miles in oue year.


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