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The Grand Republican Ratification

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Saturday last was the time set for ;he grand republican ratification meetng in this city. Eminent speakers were to be present and every republican n the county was expected to be on ïand to show the great enthusiasm feit n the party over the nomination of ilarrison and Morton. The Courier, the Ypsilantian, the Saline übserver, the Manchester Enterprise and other papers announced the meeting. The drums were to beat, the horus blow and our Chinese laundrymeu were to shout for "Harrison." The veterans who voted for Hallison in 18-10 were to be in the front rank. One or two highly protected millionaires were desired to lend dignity to the occasion and it was thought that a large number of highly taxed farmers would drink in the eloquent words of the speakers and consent to keep on protecting the millionaires. Cheers were to rend the air, lire works to ligtit up the heavens and the grand old party of morality and free whiskey, of high taxes and Chinese labor was to receive an Ímpetus, which would enable it to seat the grandson of his grandfather in the presidential chair. All this was to be. But alas for human hopes, no cheers rent the air; no highly taxed farmer Ii3íened to the sophistries of protection; no worknaan or mechanic testitied a lohging for Chinese cheap labor; no Bob Frazer or Bob Ingersoll made the weikin ring; no Junius E. Beal told the listeniiiR multitude not to buy, beg, borrow or steal a democratie paper; no Joe T. Jacobs tesüfled devotion to the scarlet necktie; no Capt. Allen told how badly he wanted to draw a $5,000 salary another two years; no Henry D. Platt told how comfortably it feit to be inspecting oil and desired permission to keep on; no Gov. Luce begged indorsernent for striking at the University; no Chinainau told how Ilarrison had voted eighteen times in favor of Chinese cheap labor. In fact, the vatirication was a grand fizzle. The republicans didn't ratify. They didn't peep. The enthusiasm was evidently so intense that it couldn't flnd utterance, couldn't önd speakers and couldn't flnd a crowd and the managers of the party ga%'e up the idea of giving vent toit.


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