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THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS' announces the reductioii of its price from Two cents to ONE CENT per copy. It is fitting that the pioneer of low-priced journalism in the West should lead in placing the American newspaper of to-day upon the basis of the lowest unit of American coinage. Twelve years ag that unit was the nickel in Chicago and throughout the Northwest. The founding of The Daily News at a lower price was regarded by the journalistic profession as inviting certain failure. But they were wrong. To-day there is not a nickel paper in Chicago, and the circulation of The Daily News averages, as shown by its published swom statements, 175,000 copies a day - with a single exception the largest daily circulation in America, and greater than the circulations of all other Chicago dailics cotnbined. The Daily News has prospered beyond the most sanguine hopes of its founders. For this it has more than once made its grateful acknowledgments to an appreciative public. It believes, however, that the time has now come when, acting entirely within the limits of a wise commercial progression, it can give its thanks more practical expression. It proposes henceforth to " divide " as to its friends - and to multiply as to its circulation. To-day it reduces its price to One Cent - and expects to doublé its circulation. And anticipating the questionings of the doubtful let it be briefly said that the thing can be done. The Daily News - all that it has been in the past, as well as all that is rightly expected of it in the future as a leader in progressive American journalism - can be produced and sold for one cent a day, and this by reason of those common principies of trade which make possible lower prices just in proportion as the aggregate volume of sales increases. The Daily News now sells over a million papers a weeh, as shown by its published sworn statements of circulation, and it can afford to sell at a smaller profit per paper than other Chicago dailies, no one of which has as much as one-third the average daily circulation of The Daily News. The large addition to its present raillion-a-week circulation, which will surely come with its reduction to one cent a day, will fully compénsate for the reduced profit at which each paper is sold. All this concerns the reader only as assuring him that The Daily News can reduce its price and at the same time maintain its high character as the foremost newspaper of the Northwest - that a million-a-week circulation makes the otherwise impossible entirely possible. The present is peculiarly the time to inaugúrate this popular departure in American journalism. The approaching Presidential election widens immeasurably the field and opportunity for The Daily News as an independent, impartial, fearless newspaper - one free from all the entanglements of mere partisan allegiance. The demand is more and more for a newspaper which shall give all the political news free from partisan coloring, and which shall teil the absolute, unvarnished truth about things, regardless of its effect upon the fortunes of this or that political party or candidate. This demand The Daily News aims to meet, and at its reduced price it combines all the elements which should make it literally everybody's paper. To the thousands of new readers whosé attention is now for the first time directed to The Daily News it te proper to say that they will find it complete in all the essentials of the best American journalism of to-day. lts quality as a netuspaper proper is best indicated in the fact that it is the only low-priced paper in Chicago or the North-west, which is a member of the " Associated Press." The other " Associated Press " papers in Chicago, the Tributie, the Times and Inter-Ocean all cost three cents. The Chicago Daily News prints all the news and sells it for one cent a day. Sold by all news dealers. Mailed, postage paid, at Í3.OO per year, or 25c. per month. Address VÍCTOR F. LAWSON, Publisher, The Daily News, Chicago. BttiiitíiOJgrfft


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