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Swiffs mili sluit down this week for iepairs. Several more Japanese students are in town. The republicans raise a pole iu this city to-niorrow. The Baptist church is being renovated and cleaned. Sheriff William Walsh was granted a pension, Tuesday. The office of the Franklin House has been repaired and renovated . James Goeghan is the new night operator at the T. and A. A. depot. Postmaster Duöy was presented to President Cleveland Wednesday. Helen Hamiltonof Ypsilanti has been sent to the Pontiac insane asylum. Merrick N. Hugh, of Manchester, has been given a pension by Uncle Sam0 - The pension of Augustus Fellows has just been increased to $18 a month. Doves in some parts of the city have beendevouring the peas in the gardens. Bay Bitly, one of J. Robison'3 horses, died Friday f rom paralysis of the brain. A special meeting of the board of regents will be held next Friday evening. It is said that for once the premium lists of the county fair will be out ea'rly. There are 539 old soldiers in the county, according to the supervisors returns. The new stores now going up on State street will all be occupied as soon as flnished. Jerry VValsh smiles over an addition to the population of the third ward. lts a ten pound girl. The Washtenaw county medical society meet in the council chambers in this citv at eleven o'clock to-day. Dickson Berdan, of Jackson, formerly of this city has just secured a pension through ü. L. Mathews agency. A Washington dispatch says that Junius E. Beal is endeavoring to renew the copyright of Dr. Chase's Keceipt Book. Levi D . Wines has sold his residence on the corner of Washington and Thaver streets to W. W. Tozer for $4,600. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Doty, of Manchester are expected in the city tomorrow to visit their son Probate Register Doty. William Greene is serving twenty days in jail for being druiik on Ann street. Justice Pond imposed the sentence. Miss Iris Carr will resume her former positiou as assistant to Prof. Nichols in the high school this year at a salary of S350. Quite a number of our citizens were out at Whitmore Lake last Sunday. Weidemann's grove was tilled with a happy party . A grand excursión to Whitmore Lake, Saturday July 28th, will leave Ann Arbor at 10.55 a. m., via. the ï. A. A. &K. M. Ry. Co. A marched off to the train Tuesday afternoon with flying colors. They vere bound for Macklnavv Island for a weeks encampment. Rev. Gelston, on East Washington street, is repairing his tar sidevvalk and setting an example which many of our citizens may well follow . The agricultural company has built a new doek, eighty feet long on the north side of their works and torn down the oíd dock on the west side. A slight fire in the cottage in Petossey, occupied by Mrs. J. Ï. Jacobs and Eaniily destroyed several dresses belonging to Miss Katie Jacobs. Mrs. Mary A. Chatüeld, of th9 sixth ward died of oíd age, Tuesday, aged 88 years 7 months. The funeral was held at five o'clock yesterday afternoon. Captain áchuh has never lost a hat bet yet and he has won eleven. He bet a hat with a commercial traveler the other day on Cleveland's election. Rev. Dr. Ramsay's subject at the M. E. church next Sunday morning is "Christ over King." His subject Sunday eveniui? is "Christ and the Foor." There were tvvo arrivals on First street last week. They were both girls. One is the daughter of Johu Kocli aud the oiher the daughter of George MarBden. The horse, which draws the express wagon, ran away froin theT. and A. A. depot Honday, spilling out some bernes. The horse was frightened by a bicvcle, The Ypsilanti Commercial says that "tiiugs'' are getting in their work in this city. ïake it back, Mr. Commercial, take it back, thus;s don't thrive in Aun Arbor. Miss Mabel M. Gormley, athisyear's gradúate in the commercial department of the high school, will teach in the Big liapids schools the coming year at a salary of $500. The grand republicau ratiücation announced by the republican papers to be held in this city last Saturday didn't materializo. The rèpublicans didn't ratify worth a cent . It is said tliat JoeT. Jacobs wouldn't be adverse to serving a term in the seuate, ïf tliere should happen to be any chance of the rèpublicans earrying the senatorial district. The civil damage suit broughl by Mrs. L. H. Kubl against C. Naumann, who keeps a saloon in Manchester, for selling liquor to her husbaud has been settled for S225. Mrs. N. H . Pierce has been re-elected president of the ladies decoratior society in the flftta ward, Mrs. Fisher vice president; Mrs. liarkham, secretary and Mrs. Bailey, treasurer. The Germán Workingmen's society give a lavge picnic at Relief park on Wednesday, August lst. The Saline. Manchester, Ypsilanti, and Chelsea societies are expected to be present. John F. Martin, a gradúate of the dental college, now of Wisconsin and Miss Elsie A.Hallock, of thisjcity, were married on Wednesday of last week in this city by Rev. W. VV. Ramsay. Mrs. Wm Clancy died at the residence of her busband on North Fourth street last Tuesday, ag'ed 48 years 11 months and 18 days. The funeral services were held yesterday forenoon. Ann Arbor Encampment, I. O. O. F. install the following officers this evening, C. L'., M. Staebler; S. W., L. Betz; H. P., J. Sprague; Per. Sec.,C. Krapfi Treas., C. Schlenker; J. VV., L. Curtís. Martin Clark, of this city voted for 'Tippeeanoe and Tyler too." in 1840 but he wont vote for Tippecanoe's degenerated grandson. The Detroit Tribune will please make a note of this. Michael Flynn, of North Fourth street died last Tuesday of oíd age. He was 81 years of age. The funeral services were held yesterday and his remains were taken to Nortbfield for burial. The Business Men's Association hold their annual meeting next Tuesday evening. Everybody should be present, as business of importance to all business men will be brought before the meeting. The "One a Day" puzzle has been solved . The 1 ,000 postal cards recei ved iiere with that inscription simply referred to the small sum of one cent a day, which would secare the Chicago Daily News. Several of our colored citizens have received invitations to attend the colored national convention to be held at Indianapolis next Wednesday, in the interest of independence in voting by colored men. Buring the quarter ending July 15 there were sold in the postoffice of this city, $5,335.94 worth of stamps, postal cards, stamped envelopes, etc. During the same period the box rent amounted to S322.05. The fire alarm last Thursday mght was caused by some oiled rags igmting in the stove of Ferguson's cart factory. 'No damage was done, but the alarm rang as if it were the biggest conflagration of the season. Peleg Marshall, we are informed, has voted for every democratie candidate for president siuce Alonroe ran the second time, excepting in 1S72, when he failed to vote at all. He is eighty nine years old next month. The republican county convention to elect delegates to the staie and congressional conventions will be held in this city, Wednesday. July 31. The total number of delegates will be 116', of which the city bas 24. William B. Campbell, the bishop of tbe evangelistic (colored) mission church of North America and Rev John Reveis, of Chatham, Out., wil preach in Firemens Hall at three o'clock next Sunday afternoon. Hon. Charles H. Richmond, of this city, is favorably mentioned in connection with the democratie congressional nomination this year. There is no reasou why a good democrat could not be elected to succeed Capt. Allen. Sheriff VValsh and Geo. B. Greening, Esq„ were over at Island lake in Lyndon, Tuesday, fishing. In one hour and a half 's fishing they caught forty-nine fish weiglnng frorn one to Cour pouuds. That's the news they brought back. Mts, Harriet P. Gates, vvife of N. G. Gates, oL the üfth ward, died on Wednesday oiSlast week aged seventy four years, four months and twenty seven days, of paralysis and oíd age. The funeral services were held Friday afternoon irom the house. A total eclipse, of the nioon will take place Suuday night, which will be visible in this country. The eclipse will begin at 10.20 p. m. The total phase will begin at 11.19 and end ar, one o'clock. The eclipse will end at two o'clock Monday morning. The Toledo, Ann Arbor & N. M. Ry. will sell round trip tickets to Cinciuatti and return for 5.40. Good going July 23rd and 24th,Llimited to return up to and including July 28th. Direct route via. C. H. 1). day coaches. Sleeping car accomrnodations from Toledo without chauge. The smugmugging fever has again commeuced. The symptoms are a sire tobe relieved o E the hiresute appendage to the upper lip, and to have company in being smugmugged. Fred McOmber, John Duffy, Frank O'Hearn, Jim Duffy and Torn Kearney are the flrst victima this year and have formeda smugmugging party. What was the surprise of many of our citizens to see the name of John W. Maynard in the Tribune's list of those who voted for Harrison in 1840 and expect to vote for Harnson this yearï Mr. Maynard says he has done many foolish things in his life, but he sn't quite foolish enough to vote for larrison this year. At least, two of he Tribune's list in this city will vote for Cleveland. Mascot Bailey carne near getting himself into trouble the other day by going along in his usual careless fashon with his scythe swung over his shoulder. The scythe carne into contact with the head of a dog, owned on Fifth street, cutting a deep gash in his head. The owner of the dog carne near making it pretty hot for the mascot who it is hoped will be a little more careful how he carries his scythe. Mr. SamiBlitz, of Blitz & Langsdorf, who is just now in Alpena in charge of their branch store in that city had an experience at the great flre in that city, which he will not soon rorget. He had gone into the house of a poor woman in the burning district to help her flnd ber money and when he came out, he found that the flames weie all around and he was forced to run through tlistn, having his eyebrows badly smged. General Soule and Colonel Manly leave Sunday for Cincinnati, ühio. to attend the Cantonment of the Patriarchs Millitant, I. O. O. F. Tbey will t?ke part in the pnze drills. The Detroit Cantón has been drilling for several days under the charge of Col. Manly, who is a member of it. The prizes are twelve in number from SI ,700 down to $210, and it is hoped that the Detroit Cantón may be among the leaders, which position it is predicted by tueirfriends they will occupy. A new time table has bean put in effect on the Michigan Central road and will be found in another column. The only change in time of the trams going east is that the Atlantic Express nowleaves at 7.50 a. m. or 18 minutes earlier and the Night Express leaves at 6 a. m., uve minutes earlier. The only change in trains going west consists in Hm nntt.inir of a new passenger train on the road which leaves Detroit at 3.45 a. m., reaches this city at 5 a. m., Jacksou at 6 a. nr.'and Kalamazoo at 8.40. A disturbance at the Michigan Central depot last Friday mglit, which arose out of a squabble in regard to a passenger, has caused several arrests. John Butler plead guilty of assault and battery and was fined $2 and costs bv Justice Frueauff , which he paid . Fred Root, Edward Taylor and William ïaylor, were brought bet'ore Justice Pond charged with a breach ot the peace. EdvTard Taylor plead guilty and was fined $2 and costs. Fred Root and Wm ïaylor plead not guilty and gave bail to appear for trial next Tuesday. When William Taylor was örst arrested, he attempted to give Patrolman Murray leg bail, but a pistol 3red m the air brought him instantly to a stop.


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