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Mis. W . H. Burleson is visiting in Detroit. Bishop Gillespie, of Grand Eapids, is in the city. Ben Arksey of Dexter, was in the City Mooday. Miss .1osie Rathbone is visiting friends n Cleveland. Mrs. E. A. Rathbone and family are at North lake. C. II. lillen has been in Marquette, Mich., this week. K. Kittredge, who is now in Portland, Maine, is quite il 1. Mrs. Dr. Sullivan returned to Chicago, last Monday night. Miss Cook, of Portlmd, Oregon, is visiting Mis. Dr. Tyler. Elmer S. Crawford, of East Saginaw was in the city this week. E. J. Morton, of the Argus, is enjoyíng a lake trip to Mackinac. Miss Luther, of Jackson, has been visiting at Moses Seabolt's. Miss. Luella Bush has returned from a two weeks visit in Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Gott, of Detroit are visiting at their mother's. Hon. A. J. Sawyer and family are camping at Cavanaugh Lake. Mrs. Dr. Darling left Wednesday for two weeks visit in Lakeside, Ohio. Mrs. Samuel Wheat, of Kansas, is visiting at her father's James Clement's. Mrs. Howard of Lansing is visiting atS. W. Clarkson's on south Fifth St. Philip Stimson has moved into the house of Mrs. Taylor on William street. Mr. Joseph Watts, ot East 8aginaw visited his family in the city, over Sunday. M. W. Blake, in Gibson's gallery, returned home from the iiorth, Tuesday night. Prof. M. E. Cooley returned from a visit to his old home in New York yesterday. Mrs. William Noble left for a visït with f riends in Albany, N. ÏT. Monday evening. Mrs. Fred Hawkins and Mrs. Boyle, of Detroit, are the guests of Miss .Luella Bush. W. Stearns,editor of the Adrlan Press and postmaster of Adrián, was in the city, Monday. Mrs. Sager 'left yesterday for[the White Mountains. She will be absent uatil Octobei'. Miss Carrie Bennett, of Marshall, is spendina: the week with her aunt, Mrs. Moses Seabolt. John Shannon and daughter, of London, Ontario, visited his brother, Robert Shannon, last week. Dr. Ileneages Gibbes moved into the house recently purchased from Frof U. N. Jones last ïhursday. Judse T. M. Cooley was at home for a short time, last Saturday. He left for the east in the af ternoon . Miss Ella HUI, of East Liberty street, goes to Marqette next Monday for a two weeks visit with her brother. Conrad Krapf visited his son, Ottmar in East Saginaw and daughter, Mrs. Dr. Haase, in Lansing last week. Mrs. Mozart, of the United States post office department in Washington, is spending her vacation in this city. Herman Baur and his two sons of St. Louis, visited Mr. Emil Baur this week. They remain about a month. W.H. Woodburn,a graduate of the dental department, sails for Glasgow to-murrow on the steamship Livonia. Miss L. A. Shadford, of Chicago, is visiting her mother in this city for several weeks. S'ie arrived last evening. M. T. Woodruif, of the Cadillac Democrat, was in ihe city Wednesday. He vvas on his way to the Democratie state convention. Mrs. 1 D. McKenzie, lately of Clifton Springs, has moved back to this city and taken a house on the corner of División and Jefferson. Joe Stirnson has taken the road for tne Adrián Platiuf? Company. He started for the northern part of the state, the ürst of the week. Henry Kirchhoöer of Manchester was in the city Tuesday. He was near the Detroit city hall at the time of the terrífic explosion Monday and witnessed the wreek caused. Mr. and Mrs. Moses Seabolt, Martin Seabolt, Mrs. A. Wood, Misses JTrankie Seabolt, Carrie Bennett, Eva gaunders, Ettie Saunders, Minnie Boylan, Messrs M. Zachman, M. Goodrich, Dean Seabolt and Joe Seabolt are pending the week at their cottage at Hamburg Junction. P. T Barnum is on the books of a LonAon agency which furnishes dippings trom ftewspapers for notices of any "ertraorditsary cnrioeitiea alive or extraordinary performance or eihihition which can be placer1 n oor large exhibition tenta." "Buster." the aon and helr and only ebüá of Cbanncey Depew, ia a prodigy. Ha U only 11 and speaks three languages fluently. At one moment he may be beard talking Oerman to bis governesa, and the next roeling off Freücb to his mother at about the alt of MaadS. WUlian T Waltere, of Baltimore, Ia nferred to by brio-a-brao dealers as "Th Man with the Peacbblow Vase." He owtm that famous pieos of porcelain, which he txraght two or three years ago for many thousand dollars. Mr. Waltere is a Scotchman, very rich and the pioneer of bis ora fortune. Cardinal Howard Is hopelessly Insana. Be bas been removed from Kome by bis cousin, tbe Duke of Norfolk, to Arondel castle. The cardinal is stx feet talL, of great learninp;, and a most popular prelate. He was formerly a captain of Life (ruards, and took to the church after being jilted by a beautíful Irish girl