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Bridgewater - Mr and Mrs. G. P. Wright, or' Chicago, have been visiting here. - Fred Spencer, has got back froin Texas. - Tilomas Hulet, of Eaton county, has been visiting his cousin, Mrs. C. T. Crane. Ciielsea - Miss McLeandaughter of Owen McLean, is among the latest arrivals in Chelsea. She is novv two weeks old. Clinton - H. P. Downs is visiting Greenville friends. - Mrs. Florence Conklin is visiting in Leshe and Mason. - George Eddy and sons, of Vinton, Iowa, are visiting here. - George H. Fisher, of Buffalo, who has been spending his vacation here, has returned home Dexter - Miss Nellie Holmes, of St. Johns, has been visiting in Dexter. - Robert Deviny, of Lansing, has been visiting here. - Mr. and Mis. W. W. Edgar, of Detroit, visited friends here last week. Manchester - Miss Kittie Wier s visiting in Englewood, 111., and La Porte, Ind. - John Merrithew is lome from Alabama and Tennesee. - Mrs. Henry Bolanger, of Jackson, visited here last week. - Misses Bada and Marie Kirchhofer are visiting in Oolumbus, Ohio. - Mrs. Ed. Leavenworth, of Muskegon, and Mrs. John R. Jaynes, of Exeter, Ont., have been v'siting here. - G..A. Fausel has been visiting his brother in Sandusky, Ohio. - Miss Minnie Perkins has been visiting her sister in Toledo. - P. Fountain and family, of Montana, are in town. PittsfIeld - Miss E. Phillips has been visiting near Lansing. - Mrs. B. A. Seeley, of OtUville, and Mrs. M. T. McCormick, of Medina, have been visiting Mrs. Hausher. Saline - N. G. Fowler has been yisiting friends in New York City. - Prof. A. 3ager Hall, of Annapolis, Md , is spending his vacation here. - Miss Laura Brooks, of Bunaio, N. Y., has been visiting Miss Leila Bond. - Misses Ada and Laura Baer, of Toledo, have been visiting Mrs. F. C. Corden. Ypsilaxti - Miss Bertha Dow of New York City has been visiting Mrs. D. C. Batchelder.- Rev. Dr. and Mrs. M. W. Fairfield are in Menominee. - Misses Maggie Wise and Ola Parsons are at Bay View.- Miss Nora Babbitt is attending the surainer normal school in Alma. - Prof. A. Lodeman is at Bay View. - Prof. J. H. Shepard has accepted theprofessorship ofNaturalSciencein the Dakota Agricultural College. - Mrs. VV. M. Ösband is visiting in Geneva, N. Y. - J. H. Sampson is visiting at New Baltiinore. - Mr.and Mrs. J. L. Mclntyre are back from their California trip.


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