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pHE QLESTION OF THE DAT. PROTECTION OR FREE TRADE7 n Examlnntlon of the TarifT Qucstlot wltU Especial Resaril ia the Intcrests of Labor. BY HENRY GEOKGE. CLOTH, $1.50. PAPER, 33 CEXTS, Thls is the clearest, falrest, most interesting atv ost complete cxamlnatlon of the tarlfl questlon ye' i ade, and wlll prove invaluable to all wlio wish t( understand the sublect. The most thorough tnvestlcation of the subject tha las yet been put in type. - New York News. The appearance of this book marks a new epoch ii ie woild-wide struggle for tree trade. Henr; i ïeorge has a power of putting economie trutns II uch a clear and hmpiii language that any child cac nclerstand him, wlule the most learneJ man tan en i ov the aecuraev of bis statements and the restiveness of hls thoughts.- Thomas G. Shearmai n New York Star. A book which every workingman in the land cal cad with interest and ouLht to read.- New ïorl erald. Whoever wants to sce thestrongest argument- no nly aainst protection, but against all tarttls - wil nd it here.- Christian Union. The singular success of Mr. George is that he ha: ïailu poUtical ecouomy interestins.- Unltanau Ke lew. Ilcnrv Georsre' Other Works. Progress and Poverty , cloth, 1 ; paper, 35 cents. Social Problems, cloth. $1; paper, 85 cents. The Land Quesfton, paper, 10 cents. . Property la Land, paoer, 15 cents. ' Addresa THE STANDARD, Vt Union Square, New York. PEERE IB! Is given on trial and warranted to give sattsfaetiou ot money refunded. Chronic Case a Spialty. Office lío. 6 Washington St. Orer Einsey & Seabolfs Stcre. Ann Arbor - THE- Chicago Wélf Tinn, FOR THE CAMPAIGN. THE CHICAGO WEEKLY TIMES is the Leading Newspaper of the Great W est. It contalns the most important news colleoted bjthe Daily Edition f rom all parts of the world ; a review óf the week at home and abroad; mteresting- readinir matter for the family cirele; household and agrieultural information, and reliable commercial and market news. Durinf? the CAMPAIGN it will grive the Fullest. Most Complete, and Most Impartial Political News, regardless of persons or parties. THE Should reacli every Western Home regularly during theCampaign. 2B CEUTS FÜE THE CAMFAIGX. $135 PATS FOB THE Chicago Wiskly Times, UPTOJAN. 1, 1890. Here is a chance to secure weekly. one of the best newspapera in the United States at a trivial cost. THE WEEKLY TIMES wllloontain the tnost important news oollected bv the Daily Edition, besides a vast amouut of Literary Household, Agrieultural and Mtseellaneous matter for the General Reader. This order will holi good enly tor a short time. ORDEKATONCE. f Send Postal Note, Postal Order, or Hegistered Letter. THE TIMES, Chicago, 111.


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