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A Surprise Party

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(.Communicated.] July wentieth was a day of warmth and need of rain, but afïorded clearness for a pleasant ride of friends and acquaintances froni the Presbyterian and other churches of ï'psilanti to the home of, Mr. and Mis. B. G. Crookston of West Hurou street. The intended surprise was long ticipated by about forty expected ones, but, owing to summer trips and home duties, twenty-one tiied to recruit ttie oumber on Huron sumuiit lawn which is smootlily shaven, spacious, with ampie of enduring green for cheer in winter and shade in summer; showing the beauty of the house with its Arbor vitse border of unchanging permanence enelosiug many roses and lilies. iietween the grape arbor, between lawn and vine-vard a congenial table was tastefully spread with enticing varieiies in dishes of marked sorts all of which were honored to Airs.' Crookston by her guests who each carried their precious basket offering. Mr. Crookston not wishing to be deserted in their behalf , supplied a dessert of Jersey cream and luscious large purple cone and black cap raspberries grown oq his own land. ïhose of the part}' who fo'.lowed the lane to the distant meadow with cool running brook feit the quiet banks of the green pasture a relief from incloor toil and expressed it to be a poetic addition to the lióme. The berries picked beueath the orchard shade were plentiful despite the nine or ten busliels often crated in a day. All considerad, the house which well corresponda to the yard in size and pattern and overlooks the town froni the pinnacle of West Iluron street was thought by Ypsilanti friends a beautiful home. They ho wever regretted they could not have iniiuenced Mr. and Mrs. Crookston to remain in the Queen city. The helpful interest of the company,as furthered bv Mrs. Gilbert and others, was fully appreciated from the first arrival. The company dispersed late in the afternoon. The guests present were Dr. McCorcle, Mr. and Mrs. Comstock, Prof. Bellows and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Booth, Mrs. C. L. Yost, Mrs. Whitney, Mr. tand Mrs. John Taylor, Dr. Vantuyle and wife,Mrs. Davis,Mr. and Mrs. VV'ertman, Mrs. Gilbert and Alisses Delia Lane, Jennie Hendricks, Lulu Davis and Miss Miner. Let us say Mr. and Mrs. Crookston have lost no Ypsilanti friends in permanently settling in Ann Arbor.


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