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When you are being talked to about the b...

When you are being talked to about the b... image
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When you are being talked to about the beauties of protection, REMEMBER, That the "protection" the Republican party is advocating is not protection, but prohibition absolute; That unprotected labor is better paid in this country than that employed in protected industries; That Blaine says that American spinners get $7.07 per week while English spinners get $7.20; yet Amencans make 2x yards of cloth to an Englishman's 2J; That "protection" makes you buy goods at any price the American manufacturer may demand, yet he can import pauper labor from Hungary and Italyjree; That tramps were unknown before the present protective tariff; That "protected" miners in Pennsylvania lost 12S days in 1SS4, M I in 1SS5, and over a hundred each year since, so that the coal trust miglit control the output of coal and raise :he pnce you pay for fuel ; That in protected Pennsylvania laborers are working for 50 cent per day; That the labor on a piece of in -rain carpet upoii which the tluty i 821 amounts to only S7.50; That the labor cost of a pair o shoes in Lynn, whore the wages ar doublé that paid in England, is only 33 cents, while the English manu facturer has to pay 50 cents; That under "protection" only 17 per cent of our commerce is carriec by American ships, while under low tariffs we carried 90 per cent. That President Cleveland doe not advocate frce rade, but a reduc of tariffrates; That the Mills bilí only reduce the average rate of duty from 47 to 42 per cent. In fact, that you will hear nothing but misrepresentation from the advo cates of "protection," miscalled; That they have no argument; That the masses of the Democratie party are wage-workers; That the advocates of"protection' are monopolists who have been able by its help to fatten on their country - men; That "protection" has made more millionaires and more paupers m a shorter space of time than" could have been possible under any other circumstances.


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