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A street car line for this city i3 again talked of. The Amphion Club are at Bay View thi8 week. Arm Arbor makes a pretty good summerresort. The Business Men's Association meets next Tuesday evening. The Zion church Sunday school picnic will be held, Thursday, August 9. Lurglars have made several additional attempts at breaking into houaes here. Edward VV. Hatch, of this city, has been given a pension by the administration. Thirty car loads of excursionista from Jackson were at Whitmore Lake last Sunday. W, J. Just has started a lumber yard at the T. and A. A. crossing on South lain street. J. D. Stimson feil over one of the numerous bicycles in town last Tuesday, n j uring his side . Prof. Carharts new residence on Monroe street isreceiving many encomums tor its beauty. Charles B. Davison broke an arm by alhng from his bicycle 'near Ypsilanti uesdayafternoon. Rev. Dr. Alexander, of Cambridge, Mass., will preach in the Congregaonal church, next Sunday. A five-year-old son of Prof. Steere, hile playing round the yard Wednesay, teil and broke his arm. Ex-Congressman N. B. Eldridge, of Vdrian has been granted a deerved pension by uncle Sana. The Utah exposition car on the lichigan Central track Tuesday atracted a largenumber of visitors. John Miller paid a üne of $5.35, inuding costs, in Justice irueauff's ourt for being drunk on the streets. A new Masonic paper has been startd in Detroit by Brownell Bros, and amed The Tyler. It starts off Well. Calvin S. Brice, chairman of the naonal democratie committee, is a grádate of the law department of the üniersity. Dr. HugoLupinski and Miss Ciernenine L. Houghton, both formerly of this ity, were married in Grand Rapids uly 14. The new D. K. E. house will cost 12,000. John Koch, George Scott and George Weeks have the contracta for uilüiug it. Rev. Dr. Ramsay preaches on the Beauty of Holiness'; next Sunday morning and on "Christian Ileroism" n the evening. A dangerous weapon is being used to boot syarrows in the city, viz: theFlo)ert gun. The bullet rebounds and enangers life or eyes. Miss Belle Smith, who graduated in he medical department of the umverïty this summer, has accepted a posiïon in a hospital, near Boston. A hundred and sixty bushels of rasperries were shipped by freight from his station. This is in addition to the arge amount shipped bv express. William Leonard, of the third ward, ied last Sunday of oíd age. He was ged 87 years Smonths and 3 days. The funeral services were held on Tuesday. A. A. Lodge No. 320 I. O. G. T. will give a lawn social at James Tom's floral garden, Friday evening, July 27, at7o'clock. All are very cordially invited. Richard Roaeh, of Salem, died Wednesday of abcess of the stomach, ged üfty six years. The funeral ervices will be held to day from the Northüeld church. Chairman Schuh has called a business meeting of the Cleveland and Thurman club at Gemianía hall on ïuesday, July 31, at 7.30 o'cIock sharp. A f uil attendance is requested. The Ypsilanti lodee F. and A. M. dedïcated their new hall over the new Savings bauk last evening. The hall seats 150, and the lods:e room is one ol the finest in the state. The Germán Workingrnen's Society of this city give a picnic at Relief Park next Wednesday which promises lo be very largely attended, a number of otlier societies being present. Another change in time went mto effect on the Toledo and Ann Arbor road last Sunday, under which the afternoon south bound train now passes through here at 3.07 p.rn. The republicans erected a 128 foot pole on Main street last Saturday, and held a meeting in the evening ad dressed by John F. Lawrence and A W. Hamiltoir CE. Hiscock, presided C. T. Parshall savs that one of hi pickers picked 90 quarts of raspberrie in eight hours and that in all 32 bush els of berries were picked on bis farm last Saturday. The berries were o the Gres;g variety. A young son of George Walker o Walker Bros. íeli l'rom a car on th Toledo and Ann Arbor road on Monda and was seriously injured. It was i flrst supnosed that his leg was broken bat tliis provecí not to be the case. The publishers of the new Washtenaw county directory announce in the directory that Ana Artor has a population of 11 ,285 and Ypsilanti of 7,530, If the census of 1S90 will only show as rnany inhabitants, we shall be content. It is said that a tree doctor in a neighboring town makes quite a living by saving trees in which the borer bas commenced its work, by searehing out the holes they make and killing them. His rates are said to be two shillings a tree. A corn house belonging to John II . Cowan of Ann Arbor town together' with a pig pen and hen house were burned, Wednesday. About 200.bushels of corn were burned, land a number of farming utensils,. Loss about $-500 Insured in the Washtenaw Mutual. Thos.Hayley, of this city, has invented a new furniture polish which takes the cake. It ia called Hayley"s electric enamel furniture polish, and greatly brightens up the furniture. It might justly be called the housekeeper's delieht. Mrs. Harriet C. Durbam died in Superior last Friday of oíd age and heart 'disease aged eighty year3, four months and twelve days. The funeral services took place from the Dixboro church at half past two Sunday afternoon. John Wagner, Jr., died Tuesday night. He was a first classblacksmith. The funeral services were held from his late residence on Washington street yesterday aEternoon and were conducted by Rev. Mr. Neumann. Mr. Wagner left a wife and little daughter. Frof. Calvin B. Cady has resigned his position in the University to take charge oí a new conservatory of music being organized in Chicago. He has done much for tbe musical culture of Ann Arbor and there ai e very many here who will exceedingly regret his departure. Harry Herbert, a young boy of the rst ward, shothimself in the hand last aturday night. He was playing with revolver which accidentally disharged. " There are said to be a numer of young boys in the city who have Dtained possession ot revolvers, which ïould be taken from them instanter. Charles E. King, of Ypsilanti, who ïas been nominated for jiember of the ;ate board of education by the demoratic and greenback parties, is a grádate of the University, one of Ypsilani's very best business men, and a credit o the ticket. He ought to receive the ote of every man in Washtenaw county. Mrs. Helen A. Reynolds, of Washngton street was taken violently insane last Thursday and on Friday was taken to Pontiac by Sheriff Walsh and Marshall .Sipley. It required the efforts of both officers to take her there, as she showed herselt posessed of considerable strength, and was averse to going to the asylum. Joe T. Jacobs in a street discussion the other day announced that if Cleveland was re-elected his stock of goods would be for sale at seventy-flve cents on the dollar and was considerably nonplussed when a democrat said that w?s one of the reasons why people of this section should vote for Cleveland, because they wanted cheaper clothmg. Stephen C. Merrihew, of Superior, ïas flled a bilí in the circuit sourt askng for a divorce from his wife Canace, whom he married in Peru, N. Y . n 1855. The couple have one child iving, a son, twenty nine years of age. .The divorce is asked for on the ground f cruelty in tue neglect of household duties and for desertion for the past vvo years. Professor Hennequin and Dr. Wood, of Ann Arbor, spent Saturday üshing on Hamburg's Silver Lake. The doctor got a great bite and was so anxious to land his físh that he stood up in the boat, but anyway the Doctor took a header and down he went. We are glad the learned gentleman was none the worse for the accident, any more than being dvicked. Why does th3 Professor laugh over itV - Hamburg correspoTidence of the South Lyon Piek et. About as big a facie of a train as runs on any railroad in these parts is that which runs between Ann Arbor and South Lyon and accommodates no body. It is the yard engine here with our baggage master for conductor and brakeman. It leaves here for (Soutb Lyon at 7 a. m., travels the twelve and a half miles in an hour. A half hour later it leaves; South Lyon and gets back .here at 9.30 a. va. Any AnnArborite who hasbusinessinSouth Lyon or South Lyonite who has business in Ann Arbor must stay over night or go by wagon road


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