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Better Than An Accident Policy

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lt is proverbial that a dranken man seldoni gets hurt - In fact, a good load of whisky is said to be better than an accident insurance policy A few days ago some young feUows were watching with interest the efforts of a pedestrian along Dearborn street to make his course a little less zigzag It was the widtb of the walk tbat bothered bim ratber tban the ength, wben a sudden sidelong plonge :hrew him up against an ash recei ver that stood opon the edge of the pavement, and over it he went, turning a complete somersault, landing flat on bis back in the futter with a crash that would have roken every bone in a sober man 's body. Amusement was quickly changed to anxety, and ono of tbe spectators, rushing across to the prostrate man, endeavored o raise bim, and seeing signs of life, asked him where he lived. The answer atisiied bim that there was no occasion or alarm. "Wliere do 1 Uve?" said the man '1 live right here; come in, boys; wbat'll yon lakeï"


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