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Ladies' Shoes Too Small

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If worcen would wear the size shoe they leed I would like it better. but they won't f they kuow it. Do you know what a arge 4-J shoe is ? Well, now, I will teil 'ou in confiilence - it is a seven. When a roman asks for that kind of shoe I mark be nurnbei from a pair of sevens, fit iton ïer feet and she goes away delighted. But three fourths of the ladies have too Bmall slioes 1 stand by my door on Sunday and watch the pretty girls go by to chnrch They are very sweet, bright eyed, red cheeked and straight limbed. God made them very good- but they can 't walk in a straight line; they go dipping and dodging all over the walu In crooked paths. like the wicked the Bi ble tell3 about Why is that ï They are looking for soft Btones in the walk - smooth places - because their feet hurt so badly They canuot step square and stand on the curbstone. aud they dread to put the foot down ou tbe cross walk.


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