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THE i STAND ARD. $è HENEY GEOKUE, Editor. -. I Published WeeWy at 12 Uoion Square, New York. Ycarlv Subscription $2.50) Blx Woaths, 81.35) lïiiiiflc Copies, 3 Ceuta. American citlzens who wish to reach an Intelligent coniprehension of the principies iuvolveci lu tbe Issue Of the coming campaign should reaU THE STANDARD. It advocates Free Trade- not the partlalremoval of restrtctlons upon commerce, but the absolute, unconditional sweeplng away of every hlndraace to the exchange of commuUities betweea man and man, between siatci aud itaie, uud boiweeu uatioa and natlon. THE STANDARD mcets anti triumphantly refutes the great argument of protectiou. It shows why wages are higlierln tlio United States than in Europe, and tiiat the differenco is in no way due to the operation of the tariff, whoso oaly effect Is to reduce, the reward oL labor. . ..- - , ._ During the coming campalgn cvery tarlff reformer wlll be called upon to derend the principie of iree trade agaiust. the principie of protection. Those who read THE STAUDAED caa do tliis caslly and unaaswgrably. -" --- Sample Copies Sent on Application. 7


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