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THE CREAM OF ALL BOOKS OF ADVENTURt Conüensed Into One Volume. PIONEER . , DARING HÉROES ADd DEEDS. The thrilling: adveutures of al' the hero expl''ers and frontier flghters with lndians, ouüaws ana wild beasts, over our whole country, trom tne earliest times to the present. Lives and tainous exploitsof DeSoto. LaSalle.Standista, Boonr, Kentod; Brady, Crockett, Bowie, Houston Carson, Cuíter, California Joe, Wild BUI, Bufllo BUI, Generáis Milis and Crook, Kreat Indian Clnefs and Koe.cfother8. 8PLENDIDT.Y ILLUSTRATET) with f20 fine ngraYings. AüENlfa WATED. Low-priced.andbeatBiiiiything tosell. Time ior payment allowed agents short oí funda. H. SCAMMELL&CO., St. LOUIS, MO. STEPHEN PRATTS STXAH BOILER WORKS (Establishcd 1865.) Manufr f High and low Pressureand Steam Heaüng Boilers of all kinds; smokt pipes, breachings, etc. Old bilers taken in ex chance for new. Rivets, boiler platcs and boïlci tubes for sale. Cor.Foundry st , and Mich. Centra] R.R. tracks. DETROIT MICH. ' Vhy jou should iend u your orders. We handle ferjaotlunebitt REST and CHOICEST BRAKMl HJPjgl yu t reccive goods day followuif; 'uvcb Window, MkBHb.IMH . kIott, Engltsh 06 9Z. ÈmJÊBWL?MgÊ& nni vlied, Cut nd Embossed. BKéWimEI ïr)J C-thedral,Venetian. Muffled, KSiSCi í l'.oiiemlin. Gcrma Lookint Hfeu " T-iw.-ihtjr, rariety andquanlity of ur stock "JB i ex ceded by ■ kous in tht United States. WK. REID, T3&75 Lrn.d 8r.t W.t, DETROIT, MICH. P. S.- Write Lot Piices. N ttoubl to ansmer corresondeoce


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