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Bridgewater - Miss Lena Poucher, of Adrián, has been visiting friends here. - John Henry, of Palmyra, visited here last week. - Chas.' and Elmer Grinnell, of Detroit, have been visiting relatives. - Mrs. C. A. Brace has returned írom a two months visit in Chicago. Dexter - J. T. Honey was in Jackson last week. - Mrs. Sarah Maidens, of Detroit, visited Mrs. George Sackett last week. - Rev. Dr. Burzner, of Ohio, has visited Dr. Ritter. - Mrs. Wm. Cunningham is in Grand Rapids. - Mrs. J. Hollis is visiting in Detroit. - Miss May King, of Muskegon, has been visiting at H. C. Gregory's. Iron Creek - Miss Myra B. Spafard visited in Toledo last week. - - Rev. O. D. Moon preached here last Sunday. - Rev. W. R. Moon is visiting in Ohio. Manchester - N. Schmid and family are taking iheir comfort in their new cottage at Sand Lake. - Mrs. A. H. Jaynes, of Ridgetown, Canada, has been visiting herbrother E. E. Root.- H. K. Wilbur has gone to Upper Alton, 111 , to pursue collegiate studies. - Oscar Mahole, of Chicago, has been visiting friends here. - D. W . Bovven, of Iowa, was the guest ot his brother last week. - Frank Nelan, of Owosso, visited Ben Gordanier, - Miss Robison, of Jackson, has been visiting Mrs. Goodyear. Mooreville - F red Robison, of Detroit, visited here last week. - Mrs. VV. S. Parker, of Rochester, Minn., bas been visiting here. - Miss Alice Harmon, of Detroit, has been visiting friends here. ---Misss Emma McMullen is visiting her sister in Flint. - Miss Phenic Case has been visiting in Teciimseh.---lViiss Flora UcBride, of Dundee, has been visitMiss Vidah Shaw. Nora - Mrs. J. Inman yisited in Fenton last week.- Mrs. Adams and daughters, of South Lyon, have visited at Reed Gillettes. Saline- -Miss Feldkamp, daughter of Chas. Feldkamp, of Saline township, .irrived July 15. All happy.- .G.lbert Sherman, of Muskegon, has been visiting his father here.---Mrs. Menzie and daughter, of F reeport, 111., has been visiting relatives here.---Mr. and Mis. Lew R. Brown, of Grand Rapids, have been in the village.---.Mrs. S. Cuddeback and daughters and Mis. Chas. Whitmore have been visiting at H. T. Nichols'. Stoxy Creek - Prof. and Mrs. George McGee, of Farmington, Mich , is visiting at Mrs. McGee'e parents. - Mis. A. Reed, of Jackson, has been visiting here. - Mrs. N. E. Crittenden and daughtei have returned from thair Lansing visit. Webster - Henry Scadin is in a Detroit commercial college. Whittaker - Mrs. Robert Reynolds, ot Missouri, is visiting old friends here. Whitmore Laks - - Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Stiles, of Vermontville, have been visiting relatives here. - Hon. Wm. Jay and family have returned to their home in Emporia.- Mis. Mary Markey, with her children of Fort Wayne, Ind„ is visiting her parents here. Ypsilanti - Bert Tracy is bookkeeking in Fisher, Minn.- C. W. and James Rogers have been visiting near Mackinac. - Mrs. and Miss Williams, of Detroit, have visited Mrs. J. P. Deubel. - Misses Canie Towner and.Maggie VanCleve have been making a tour of the lakes. - Mrs. L. A. Osband is in Central New York, - John Ressler has assumed an $Soo position in a Marquette business college. - Prof. Jay Murray and family have returned to Sault Ste Marie.


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