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Inbianapolis, Ind., July 30.- Through the permission of the gentleman addressec and ex-Governor Porter, the latter's letter in regard to the urgency of his friends in pushing him for the nomination for governor has been made public. After ring to his íormer declaration to the effect tbat he was not and could not be a candi late, he writes to State Senator Johnson as follows: "I feel it to be incubent upon me, in reply to your lotter, to renew the statement and to give you authority to make it public that I shall not be a candidate before t h e convention. and, I am obliged to add, that I could not accept a noinination even if it were tendered. I have taken an active part in every Republican campalgn since the Republican party was organized, exeept one which ocïurred while 1 was holding office at Washngton. After this long service, the state convention will, I am sure, reirain from jressing npon me a candidacy to which I would be averse, and which I should feel obliged to decline. But while I shall not be a candidato, I shall not be indifferent to the success of the Republican party, nor shall my voice be silent in the important camxïign in which it ia about to enter. From ;he time the campaign shall begin until ii ihall have closed, by every effort that I can Mstow, I shall give whatever aid I am able K secure the triumph of the Republican national ticket and the success of the candidates who shall be nominated at our state convention."


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