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HENRY RICHARDS ! No. 9 Detroit Street Dealer in all kinds of HAMWCQD LÜHBEU, FSKCE P35TS, ETC, Alsojall kinds of STOVE AM) COKD WOOD. Terms Caeh, I am agent for the Celebrated Champion Binders asi Morare! And keep a ful] line of Repairs for the same. fralül A SPECIALTY AT OSCAE 0. SOUG'S DEALER IN All Painters' Supplies 70 S. MAIN ST. Plans for Frescoing furrjished on applieation. "CHICAGO TRUSS." New Sjpiral fcfiiragsjgSEa! A pproved by Spring Truss. O $3 the higheet Hard Hubber ijl Medical AuPad; Light, L-=i_i thorityJVorn Clean.Durable Aa-, day and nig ht Cool, iCheap. ISpí byan Infant a week oíd or an Adult 80 yeare Easily adjUBted. It meets all forms oï Scrotal, Formoral, Inguinal.and Umbilical Hernia, in both Infante and Adults. Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases . An v desirable pressure obtained. Our Ladies Umbilical Truss is a srranil succese. If your drugg-iet does not keep this Truss, endose stamps and address, CHICAGO TRUS COMPANY 122 E. RANDOLPH STREET. CHICAGO. ILL. Office same place. T. Y. KAYNE, Manager. Sold by Ann Arbor Druggists. JOHN tftf.HUItfT, DEALEK HARDWARE, NO. 6 S MAIN T., C3r AS IITTING AND PLUMBING, Nails, Iron, Steel, Glass, Pumps, Gas and Water Pipes, Shovels, Farming Tools and Builders' Materials. LAKE SUPERIoft TRANSIT CO. THEGREA.1 DULUTH ROUTE. Intended sailmírs f steamers from Detroit for Sault Ste. Mjwtetund other I,ake Superior ports: Mondays, Th irsdays, Fridays, Saturdays. and alternóte Vednesdays 10:30 p. m., central time. For Cleveland. Erie nnd Buffalo: Sundays. Monady8,Wednesdas,S iturdays and altérnate Fridays atóp. m., centitl time, makine railroad connections for po.nts East and South, llail connections at Wssheurn and Duluth for St. Paul, Minneapolis, aciic coast and points on Northern Pacific R. H., Manitoba, &c. Baggage checked to dretintíon. For tickets and other iníorination apply to J. T. WHIT1NG, Gen'l jiu-ent. Dock and office. 33 West Atwater St.. be veen Griswold & Shelby Streete Detroit, MWh


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