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Summit City's flooring and handie factory goes to swell Cadillac's manufacturing industries. The concern will employ about fifty men, and will turn its attention to the manufacture of chair stock in its new location, the supply of hard wood being well nigt inexbaustable. Weeds grow so luxuriantly on the high school grounds at Lansing that the smaller children are said to get tanglsd up and lost in them. Hiram Case, of Three Rivers, celebrated his 91st birthdny by going into the harvest field and swinging a eradle just as he used to do three score and ten years ago. Golden wedding are always in teres ting events, but that of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Hoppough, of Otiseo, was made doubly so by the marriage of their youngest daughter to Professor L. B. Hall, of Belding. Since the Albion Windmill company sustained its loss of some $10,000 or Í12.Ó00, it has disco vered that there are other locations that would suit them better, provided suitable induceinents in the shape of a fat bonus were held out for 'em to emigrate. Flint is considering the advisability of investing $10,000 to secure their location there. Ernest Stone, a highly respseted young man of Leslie, was aceidentaüy shot with a revolver while out hunting and instantlj killed. T. Lewis, the head sawyer at Düley's Grayling milis, lost his left hand by its coming in contact with a wicked buzz-saw. The Plymouth woman who bought flower seeds in the spring and raised a suramer erop of burdoek, offers the whole erop for a chance to talk just flva minutes to the fellow who sold her the seed. Alice Hauser and Etta Mastcrmau, champion bareback riders, while giving an exhibition at East Saginaw - both ladies r ding two horses - one of the animáis feil and broke its neck, but the riders escaped without serious injury. A Muskegon man has embarke l in the show business. His outfit comprises a pig that can play pedro and a parcel of trained snakes. are the avenues that lead to f ame and fortune. Upper península railroads offer special inducements for attending Sunday ball games by giving excursión rates. Mason girls who have indulged in the luxury of going barefoot have donned their shoes and stoekings. A lively rattlesnake running around loose wrought the change. Elmer Carpenter was gobbled by the pólice at Kalamazoo after having attempted to rob a man upon a public street of a small sum of money. Carpenter offered a stout resistanee. Mrs. Andrew Jackson, of Mosherville, who was very sick last winter, was given up by a whole parcel of physicians, to die. She steadily grew weaker until her friends abandoned all hope, in which condition she continued for several weeks. Then to the surprise of everybody, herself included, she finally began to recover, and now is able to ride out nith every prospect of a complete recovery. All of which goes to show that people may be mistaken. Rathman's bake shop at Cadillac has turned out nearly 30,000 loaves of bread since the flrst of January. Cadillac folks are noted for good appetites. Isaac D. Toll, Petoskey's postmaster,served his country well at Cherubusco, in Old Mexico, with other offleers, and was also wounded, but the others were rewarded for gallant conduct, while he was not, and now congress is asked to retnedy the oversight. The orehard of a Shelby fruitist is so loaded with young peaches and plums that it cost him $100 to thin the fruit sufficiently to keep the trees from breaking down. E. D. Davis, who was arrestel at Lapeer for burglary, has been released;he having conclusively proven an alabi, and that it must have been some other fellow whom the authorities should interview on the subject. Henry S. Robinson, a respeeted citizen of Olivet, had an arm and a ieg broken, and was otherwise injured, all because of the kicks of a f risky colt. While the state is conducting costly experiments to see if the northern pine barrens can't be made productivo, the Germans of Oceana couu ty have demonstrafed that it's entirely feasible, and that, too. without state aid. Most oí them began poor, but by patiënt industry and frugality have sueceeded in securing comfortable homes for themselves and families. By proper management their farms are produeing good crops, the soil of which bas hitherto been regarded as valueless. A Grand Rapids man who had lost his first wife and wanted to remarry, absentmindedly gave the name of the deceased to the county clerk as the person to be named in the license. But when he carried the document to his intended bride, she pointed out the ghastly niistake, and the ardent lover was obliged to make a second trip to have it rectified. There's no knowing what a fellow may do when he's in love. Manly Thurston and Ed Shaw, while driving near a steep bank at Casie lake, went too neer the brink and tben over it, rolling over and over down the sharp incline. But the buggy wasn't broken and neither horse nor men received a scratch. During the eleetric storm at Flint, a bolt of lightning hopped onto a t legraph wire and skipped into the Western Uuion office, sbaking up the operator, Rol la Jones, and setting fire to his clothing. A Newport adventurer has found a piece of coppei' near that burg that weighs eigbtythree pounds, and all the folks thereabouts are wondering where the specimen eame from. The Wisconsin editors and their wives, 150 strong, who invaded the upper península, seem to have had a good time. Carriage drives, lake excursions, picnics and banquets were indulged in on an extensive scale. When nortuern Michigan people iay then selves out to do a good job of entertaining they're not a whit behind their southern neighbors in point of generous hospitality. Benjamin Penny and Curt Green, a couple of resident of Ionia couuty, happened in at a Shiloh blacksmith shop and hadn't been there long bef ore a quarrel ensiíed. Green was a large, powerful maa and Penny being a little fellow, was roughly handled, and grabbiug a three-cornered file gave Green a stab In the ribs. Green may die from the effects of the wound, and Penny voluntarily went to pil Patriek Burke and Henry Halverson were suffocated by foul air while dfgging a well near Crystal FhIIs. Thrse other man came near losing their lives while trying to rescue the bodie of their uufortunato comrades. Peter ICuoblock, a Monterey man, recentsold 135 barrels of his last year's apple erop for $4&2. Soine folks would like to kuow howin mx y he kept 'em. Gratiot couuty circuit court concluded a seven-weeks' session on the 27th. The last work done was to give James Thompson a year's job at Jackson for appropriating another man's horse. A five and one half foot coal deposit hac been discovered at Reece, 100 feet below the lurface. Alma stiil sticks to (6,000 Hquor bonds and I not a drink shop has obtained a f oothold in the town since local option died. L. E. Slussor, the bicycle editor of The Mancelona Herald, is making a tour of Europe ot lis favorite wheeL He finds many things ihat interest him about which he writes letters to The Herald, but there'a one thing he sadly misses- the good oldfashioned Yankee pie. That's the ona thing that L. E. seeras to chiefly dote on.


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