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Voice Of The Faithful Heart

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Say, what ís the wild seas message, It so eagerly oe&rs lo ene land . That so fondly tt crooiiü to tne peobles. As IC anea it sad eyes oo ttie strandr Do the pebbtcs it dalties and üis-ses, And tbrsaise-s wíld a sob, as tney part. Alone fenow the eono that imkers, Uke lbo voiue of a fond, raithiul heart' Is the pehble an exile, I wonder, From soma sea oedded cavern ot yore? Are the waves Out ita couners öearing Sweet ttdings from grotto to shoref Does it barkeo and send back its greetingr Is th kiss ou the wave's lipa a part? As swift aucl os sure comes the aoswer, From the voice of a fond, faithful neart. Does the surf chacge forever, or ever? Do these oouriers pause in their chase? Are the depths of the sea ever broken By the tempesta that wrinkle its face? Ah, Dol And as strong and enduring, Though ocean and continent part, Are the whispers, heard but by the loved one, From the voice of the fond, faithful Lean. gDecp down 'neath the oosom of ocean, Unsounded by plummet or line; At peace from the storm and commotion, That rage o'er its billows of brine, There are secrets that time sbaU not fathom, There are jewels unkuown to earth's mart. As deep, as true and as preciouá Is the voico of the fond. faithful heart.


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