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Joe T. Jacobs in a street discussion the other day announced that if Cleveland, was re-elected nis stock of goods wonld be on sa'.e at seventy-five cents on the dollar and was considerably nonplussed when a democrat said that was one of the reasons why people of this section should vote for Cleveland, because they wanted cheaper clothing.- Argus last week. Editok Argtjs:- The remark credited to me in the above quotation was not [made l"in a street discussion" nor was I "nonplussed" at what "a democrat1' said. He believes,as most democrats do, that the wages of American workmen are too high. He is willing that the manufactured goods piled in English ware-houses, made cheap by cheap English and Irish labor, should be dumpedjby ship loads onto our markets, f ree of duty, closing our mauufacturies and reducing the wages of American laborers to those of f ree trade England and oppressed Ireland. lie who is in business (Hardware) protected by the Mills bilí and who can buyasuitof woolea clothes for $7.50 is willing that American woolen industries should be ruined that he could get a suit of clothes for a dollar or so less. Work and wages, the prosperity, bread and butter of American workman are to be surrendered that my democratie friend, Schuh, whose business is protected by our tariff, may buy.his clothes of English make, while worsmeu in America are shut out of employmen by foreign competición, uneaper clothes means lower wages and that means good bve to American industries.


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