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All of the members of the council except Alderraan Hammond were present at the regular meeting of the common council last Monday eveniug. After the approval of the minutes of the last meeting, the rules were suspended and John F. Lawrence, Esq., was given permissiou to submit a proposition for building a street railway in this city, which was referred to a committee consisting of Aldermeu Wines, Sutherland and Allmendinger. The committee will report at an adjourned meeting of the council to be held next Monday eveuing. PET1TI0NS. A. BI. Clark petitioned for the right to remove "certain scraggy and dying trees adjoining his premises on the corner of División and Jefferson streets. Ileferred to the street committee. N. W. Cheever, W. H. Mclntyre, W. VV. Whedon, C. W. Wagner, Wm. Wagner, Doty & Feiner and William McUreery petitioned for the removal of earth from the alley running to the center of the block south of the court yard square, so that it might properly drain the center of the block. Referred to the street committee. Fred J . Schleede desired permission to build a thirty foot frame addition to his store on State street, the rear to be covered with sheet iron, in place of the sheds now there. Keferred to the tire committee. Thomas Renschenberger and four others petitioned for a sidewalk on the east side of west Fourth street from west Liberty to west Jefferson. Keferred to the sidewalk committee. COMMUNICATIONS . The secretary of tne businsss men's association transmitted a resolution of the association requesting the opening of Secoud street. Fred Morley, for city engineer, J. B. Davis, estimated the cost of the excavation needed for openiug Second St. atSöll.55, and the cost of a wooden bridge over the creek at 165 and of a stone culvert at S32-5. A HEALTH IXSPECTION. A communication from health officer W. F. Breakey, notified the council of the necessity of a general sanitary house and yard inspection of the city under the direction of the board of health to discover nuisances and causes of disease not otherwise brought to notice in time to be abated. Aa inspection of this sort was made flve or aix vears ago at an expense of bet ween 90 and 100. On raotion of Aid. Wine sucü an inspection was ordered under the direction of the board of health at a cost not to exceedSlOO. The druggist bond of Christian and Ottmar Eberbach was approved. ALLOWANCE OF BILLS FOR THE MONTH. The finance committee reported the allowance of bilis amounting to 1,806,81, divided among the various funds as follows: first ward. S230.88; second ward,$2S5.91; third ward, $3-4.85; fourth ward, $77.63; üfth ward, S59.14; sixth ward, $54.69; general street, $141.74; general fund, $569.00; contingent fund, S352.97. THE BARN ON THE STREET. The street committee reported that they found thatjthe barn and fence of Mr. A. A. Terry on Maynard street encroached on the street between one and two feet and recommended that the part of ;the barn and fence standing upon the street be removed there-from. On motion of Alderman Allmendinger the part of the barn on the street was ordered removed by the street committee. An aye and nay vote was ordered and every member of the council voted in favor of the resolution. RELATING TO THE "WATER WORKS. Health officers Breakey and Darling in an important communication relativo to the water supplied by the waterworks company asked the council to take such action as might secure the purity of the water contemplated by ;he water works [contract. This communication is summarized in an article appearing in another column. It was placed on flle. The committee on sidewalks reported that a sidewalk had been laid iu front of the proprity of Walker Bros., and C. Gauss, also in front of Mis. K, McCormick's on east Ann street as ordered lase year. Sidewalks were ordered laid adjacent to the property of Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Wright, A. Felch, E. J. Knowlton, Mrs. M. Lyuch and Mrs. F. Harris on Thayer street. After a discussion regarding the changing of the ordinance relating to sidewalks the matter was referred to the sidewalk committee and the city aitorney with instructions to report at the next meeting. OPENING SECOND STREET. The mayor, chairman of the special committee to confer with General Manager Ashley, 'of the Toledo and Ann Arbor road, relativo to the opening of Second street, reported that the committee had conferred with Mr. Astaley and offered to open the street if the road would erect an $8,000 stone depot in accordance with their original plans; that Mr. Ashley had stated that the road was not in ihe financial condition that wouH enable them to spend more than S3,000 or $3,500 in a depot; that he did not believe any ornamentation of a depot repaid a railroad and that the railroad would not erect a building here costing more than $3,000 or $3,500. This amount would be expended on three buildings connected by platforms and sheds and a platform running from the proposed depot to William street. The committee had examined the ilowell depot, which the company had stated was the best on tbeir line, and did not consider it the equal of depots to be found in villages of this county and the mayor gave as his opinión that if Mr. Ashley's proposition were accepted, the citizens would be dissatisfied with the buildings erected. Aid. Allmendinger stated that Mr. Ashley said he would procure plans and an elevation of the proposed wooden buildings, if the council desired, and offered a resolution requesting him to furnish such plans at once. Aid. Miller stated that Mr. Ashley had stated that these plans would cost the road from S50 to $100 and asked that he be not requested to furnish them unless the council proposed to recede from the position it had taken not to open Second street for a $3,000 building. The mayor called Aid. Ware to the chair and spoke upon the resolution. He üid not feel that the city was in finaucial condition to open Second street this year and did not think the railroad which plead poverty so strongly should he put to useless expense in drafting plans for a building which the council would not accept. If the council once said it would accept a $3,000 building it never could obtain an 8,000 ne. If the road was poor, the city was also poor. For the past few years the expenditures had been exceeding the re" ceipts, and ?the present year opened with the fuuds overdrawn. He reminded the council that he would sign no warrants on any f und, in excess of the amount in that f und on February lstnext, to meet the warrants. He had no right to do so under the charter. If we pay our bilis we must economize. The people had, unwillingly, voted Sö,000 but that merely supplied the amount lost through the división of the liquor tax with the county. The amount which this council could ex end would not equal the amount expended last year or the year before. This was a question involving an expenditure of S2,000. Where was the money to come fromV The (council already'had contracts on its hands obligating it to expend the moneys over which it had control. The funds were necessary to pay the ordinary running expenses of the city government. He had feit that if an 8,000 stone depot might be obtained possibly by the closest economy, and the lopping off of expenses, which must be considered necessary, we might be able to open the street, but to obtain sucli a depot as might be built for the proposed amount, he did not feel the city was in condition to warrant the expense of buying land, grading a side hill and building a culvert. Aid. Allmendinger pointed out that the amount necessary for the purchase of the lana could be put on the tax roll next fall in addition to the other taxes levied by the city. He favored looking into the plans for a 3,000 building. Aid. Spokes said that there were private citizens mterested in opening the street besides the railroad company. A petition had been us aaking for the opening of the street signed b5 our own citizens. He plead the poverty of the road as an excuse for not putting up a better depot. Aid. Miller stated that many of the signers of the petition had told him not to consent to the opening of the street unless a better depot was erected than the road talked of. The mayor stated in reply to Aid. Allmendinger that khe did not believe the people would sanction the placing of extra taxation on the rolls to purchase land to open a street. Besides a proposition of importance might be expected to be brought before the council. A committee of citizens had conferred with the regents and discovered that by building a lyiiig-in hospital, the clinical department could be retained here and the eouncil would probably be asked to submit to a vote of the taxpayers a proposition toraie money to build this hospital. Certainly retaíning the medical department of the University here was of more importance thau the erection of a plain, wooden building for a depot by the Toledo road. In view of this, taxation ought to be kept as light as possible. After considerable f urther discussion the resolution was laid ou the table lor one week. EEPORT OF CITY OFFICERS. The treasurer's report showed a balance in the treasury of $2,132.49. During July $4,972.1-1 was disbursed, mainly f rom the water works fund. The marshal reported five arrests during July, one for drunkenness, one for assault and battery and three for breach of the peace. THE POOK FUND. During July, 91.62 was expended for the city poor as followa: first ward, $2; second ward, 4.64; third ward, $9.79; fourth ward, S25.98; fifth ward, $22.05; sixth ward, 27.16. Of the total amount, 30 was for wood, S10 for a coffln, SI. 50 for taking an inmate to the county house and the balance for groceries. Twenty-seven persons were assisted. BESOLUTIOXS. A motion that the finance committee be empowered to arrange for the casliing of orders at the Savings bank at flve percent interest was tabled for one week. On motion of Aid. Allmendinger it was resolved that the committee on the flre department and the city marshal take any measures necessary to prevent the erection of any buildingin the block south of the court house square if such building does not conform to the requirements of the ordinance on fire imits. On motion of Aid. Allmendinger the street committee was instructed to consult with the University authorities and report on the feasiblity of having a grass plat eighteen feet wide about the middle row of trees surrounding the campus or of closing up the Uiside drive entirely in order to save the trees. On motion of Aid. Wines the mayor was empowered to appoint a suitable person to determine, if possible, the cause of the dylng of so many of our shade trees; such person to work under the direction of the mayor. After a brief discussion Ald.'Kearns O'Mara and Recorder Bach were ap pointed a committee to consider what steps the city should take to enforce the contract relating ito the purity of the water f urnished by theTAnn Arbor water company , and to report next Monday evening and the council then adjourned until Monday next.


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