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A Buyer Of False Teeth

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A sharp eyed little man attracted the writer's attentlon in a. Chicago hotel by the close watch he maintained at the dinner table upou the iaws of the other gueets After watching them all pretty closely for a while. he fiually concentrated his atteution upou an elderly gentleman opposite, who ate his food with some difficulty Even a casual observer could have noted that he selected oniy the softest articles on the bül of fare. "That man has a bad fitting set of teeth and ('11 get them. " said the little man. When the elderly gentleman left the table the little one followed, and In a few moments was in conversation with him, and, as it afterward transpired, had engaged to buy bis false teeth as soon as he had obtained a new set. This little man picks np a great many sets of false teeth in the course of a year. Most persous that have a set before they reach 30 years of age are obliged to buy two more sets, at least, before they reacn 60 years. and the mouth changes so that teeth that fit well and serve their wearer well at first after a while do not fit and cause the wearer a great deal of discomfort. The man that makes a living in this line has acquired a great knack for discovering ill fitting teeth, and he scarcely ever fails to secure a bargajn, for notwithstandmg false teeth are the only imnjortal material about our bodies, inasmuch as they are said to be capable of resisting 4,000 degs. of heat (Fahreuheit), very few people know that they are worth anything second hand. and so the little man gets them at his own figure. He told the writer that many sets of false teeth are found. Owners are more careless of them than is supposed, and instances are more frequent than would be imagined in which they have been left in hotel bedrooms They have been found in railroad cars and even in horse cars, and quite frequently turn up in cabs. As the cabbies and railroad employés cannot wear other people's teeth they hunt up the buyer, and he gets the set for a few shülings. The scavengers sometimes rake up a set in an ash barrel, and sets are sometimes picked up in the streets One set was found in a magpie's nest in Pennsylvania, and another was picked out of a woman's throat by a surgeon. The patiënt would never wear them agaln, and they were sold for a song. The little man picks np a nice living by his purchases, adding to it now and tnen bv buvincr a second band wig or two. -


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