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Mind Reached Through The Body

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That mental disorders may in many Instances be cured by corporeal ineasures all knotv Some sudden shock to tlie body has often proved the only means by svhich a long standing mania has been removed. It is wonderful, for instance, what a marvelous effect the submersion of the would be suicide in the cold depths of the dark river has upon his mind. No Booner is he rescued and brought to his senses than all thought of putting an end to his esistence has vanished, and he once more braces himself up to fight the battle of life The disappointed lover who - especially i f she be a woman - is temporarily derauged, finds a plunge into the nearest pond quickly alters her views as to her miserable condition. The fires of love are often as effectually quenched by one rash dip and the troubled mind as speedily restored to a healthy condition, as though the false one had never betrayed her, or the treacherous vow had [lever been spokea.


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