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VV. W. YVadhamsis sick. Lew . H. Clement returns f rom Cheboygan to-day. Mr. M. Cordary, of Ypsilauti, was in the city yesterday. Mr. and Mra. L. J. Liesemer visited Cleveland this week. Mrs. L. Root is slowly recovering af ter a two weeks illness. Mrs. P. It. de Font and children have returned f rom Horth Lake. Wm. Schleede, of Manchester, is visiting his brother, F. J. Schlesde. Mrs. Lovejoy, of Ietroit, is visiting her daughter, Mrs A. C. Kellogg. George Blum returned Saturday from a short vacation at Whitmore lake. C. H. Webster, '89, ia working on the Clover Leaf line at Charleston, 111. A. B. Pond who has been visiting his parents returned to Chicago Sunday. Mrs. M. E. Davis left lasteveninR for a visit to ber brother in Philadelphia. Mrs. Dr. Wells and Miss Wells left yesterday to visit friends in Bay City. J. Stubbs, of East Sagina w, has been appointed assistant clerk at the T. & A. A. Prof. ani Mrs. Calvin Thomas left this week for a three weeks trip up north. Albert II. Flynn was over from Detroit to spend Sunday with Ann Arbor friends . John Duffy and Satn Langsdorf visited the boys iü camp at Whitmore, Wednesday. Eugene K. Frueauff is in Saginaw on business. He will return the flrst of next week . Mr. Taylor, of bouth Fifth street, has improved his residence Dy an addition to the rear. Prof. Mênnequin went to Geddes Monday to pitch his tent. He will be away all next week. Miss Tinnie Masten and sister Sadie, are spending a few weeks in Detroit i and around the lakes. Dr. A. L. Worden and wife, of Des Moines, Ia., arrived Saturday evening, on a visit to their parents. Mrs. Wooley, of Tennessee, is spending the sumnier with her sister, Mrs. A. L. Alexander, ot Webster. James Duffy, Frank O'Hearn, J. Slattery, T. Kearney and F. McOmber are camping at Whitmore Lake. Miss Satie Storm s gave an old ioned lawn party to about twenty-oue of her young friends Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Watts returned yesterday morning f rom a months visit to frienda and relatives in Forestville, N. Y. Mr. Joseph Clark, the new hospita steward, and wife, of Monroe, are mov ing into the rooms lately occupied by Mrs. Rosebrugh. Mrs. Bishop, of Rochester.N. Y.,who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Frof . Thomas, left Wednesday to visit friends in Grand Rapids. Mrs. Walter Hawkins, of Ypsilanti, accompariied by her sister, Mrs. Boudinot, of Cleveland, visited friends in this city this week. Miss Grace Jennelle is visiting her aunt, Mrs. R. ,C. Fuller, of Monroe. Miss Lizzie Kirk, of Ypsilanti, will join her there next week. Mrs. Dr. Vaughan and children and Mrs. 8. W. Clarkson and daughter speut Friday and Saturday at W. L. Watkins', in Manchester. Frof. deFont, Dr. McLachlan and brother, and Dr. Wood leave next week for Fetoskey and vicinity, where they will rusticate three weeks. William J. Miller, George Miller, Will Gwinner and Fred Eberbach, who had been spendinga week at Whitmore lake, returned Monday evenlng.jl J. T. Jacobs, E vartH. Scott, C. E. Hiscock, J. E. Sumner, Zenas Sweet, and F. C, Huson attended the republican state convention at Detroit this week.


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