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"Three aoldiers came in here to make affidavit f or an application f or a pension," said a rustling democrat Monday "and' they all stated as they were going out that they have been republicana but were going to support Cleveland this year. If the republicana lose much of the soldier vote this year, what willl besome of theai." Mr. H. M. Hussel, of Saline, said, while in the city last Tuesday, that he had received an average of 45 cents a pound tor bis wool in the eleven years preceding 1860, under a revenue tariff and f ree wool. Last year he got 28 cents and this year 22 cents. Such a fact as that is a strong argument to show that the tarifi on wool does not help the farmer. Mr. Kussel called attention to the cloth he was wearing and said that last January he bought it in Saline for $4.50 a yard. Bef ore the war ne sold the same quality oC cloth, the same weight but half the width, for 1.75 a yard. He running a store in Saline at the time. At that time farmers got from 45 to 50 cents for their wool. This year he got 22 cents. This goes to show that farmers under the high tariff get less for their wool and pay more for their clothing. "Did you ever notice," said a rather close observer the other day, "that you can always teil a regular hotel boarder about the hotels. They all look like stufĂ­ed pigs. A few years ago I boarded at the Cook house and began to grow heavy and although 1 am not a large man I tipped the beam at U89 pounds, now I only weigh 148. The reduction has come since I quit hotel boarding. I suppose it's because where there are so many courses a man involuntarily eats more than he does at a private table. I remember being in Grand Kapids recently and taking a seat at a table occupied by a number of fleshy ladies and gentlemen. I asked the gentleman with me, if they were not all regularoarders at the hotel . O E course they were. You can always tellthem Try it and see."


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