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J.he premium list for the 40th annual fair is out. Fred Markham paid costs for his spree last Saturday. Manager Sawyer is having the opera house repainted and decoroted. Zion's Sunday school held their annual picnic at Relief park yesterday. August 4th Thomas Collen was found drunk and was giveii fif teen days in jail. Rev. Wm. Galpin preached in St. Luke's church, Ypsilanti, last Sunday morning. At least nine Michigan cities already have street railways. Will Ann Arbor be the next? A new secretary of the county board of school examinéis will be elected September 4th. Our Chinese laundrymen displayed a portrait of "Ah Ben" in their window last Wednesday . A house to house inspection to discover where the premises are unhealthy has been ordered. George Brown. a boy of about fourteen, was arrested ïuesday for carrying concealed weapons. All the flags in the city were placed at half-mast on receipt of the news of Gen. Sheridan's death. Thirteen coaches on the T. & A. A. took the Sunday school excursión to Detroit Tuesday over the Wabash. The infant child of Wm. Licnt died of cholera infantum, aged fourteen months, on Wednesday, August 8. Water cress tcrows in the brook running through the farm of Thomas Blake, whicü grows to the length of six f eet one inch. Mrs. A. J. Walker has purchased the house of Mrs. C. A. Carman, on North Ingalls street, the price paid being $3,500. The annual meeting of the pioneer society of the county will be held in Relief lJark on the first Wednesday in September. They are doing wonderful things at the county house since the new superintendent took charge. The latest is a pair of twiD cucumbers. Junius E. Beal has been invited by the republican league to act as one of the marshal's aids in the grand parade in honor of James G. Blaine. Dr. Ramsay will preacli at the Methodist Episcopal church, Sabbath moruing on "Living Epistles" anl in the evening on "Crhist Rejected," The Centennial Exhibition is now in f uil blast at Cincinnati. The shortest, quickest. and most direct route is by the T. A. A. and C. H. &. D. J. R. Crump has been appointed cashier at the T. & A. A. and Harry Shier, of the M. C, at Ypsilanti, has been appointed to his place as clerk. Thomas Culleu was before Justice Frueauff Saturday f or being drunk on Friday. It proved to be a bad Friday for him, for he wasgiven fifteen days in jail. A cali has been extended to the Rev. Mr. Marión, pastor of the Congregational church at Grand Rápida, to üll the place of Rev. Dr. Ryder, in this city. William Hendricks was found drunk on the streets last Sunday and on Monday was sentenced to pay a fine of $5.85 including costs or go to jail for twenty days. Emory, son of Justis and Alice Nixon, of Ann Arbor Town, died of cholera infantum Aug. 7, aged 7 months and 15 days. Funeral at house Thursday at 10 a. m. Mrs. William Kay, nee Lillian Markley, died in St. Louis, Mo., last week. The remains were brought here for burial and the funeral services held here last Sunday. The young ladies' society of the Bethlehem Lutheran church to the number of 350 picniced at Whitmore Lake Wednesday. They went by the T. &A. A. Whitmore Lake had a game of base ball lastDSaturday with Salem, which reBulted in a score of 31 to 0 in favor of Whitmore Lake, whose baitery was Lewis and Booth. Everything pants this warm weather. J. T. Jacobs has so many on hand that he is going to sell one hundred at halfprice. He has also made a big cut in suits. Straw bats go for half price. Frank, son of George and Catherine Buil, of the flf th ward, died August 7, of cholera infantum aged 1 year 2 months and 3 days. Funeral was held at the house on Wednesday at 2p. m. The man that is tearing down the front wall of the old Blitz & Langsdorf store, dropped a brick on the head of Mr. Berger. Quite a gash- not serious - carelessnesses on Mr. Berger's part. Pittsfield had the honor of raising the first democratie pole this campaign. It was raised last Friday and an aádress was delivered by Hon. C. H. Richmond. A hundred and fifty were present at the pole raising and everything looked promisint; in that section for the democracy. The State teachers' instituto will be held 'n iTpsilanti, this year, from Mondav, August 13 to Friday, August 17. Teachers desiring any further pariculars should apply to E. C. Warner, Ypsilanti. The Alpena Pioneer, of which John O. Thompson, formerly of Dexter, is local editor, has been recently enlarged and otherwise iinproved. There is gome excellent local work being done upon it. Gov. Luce was re-nominated by acclamation at the republican convention yesterday and Junius E. Ueal was made an elector. The platform is stiff protection, local option and restricted immigration. The officers caught four tramps in a freight car last Thursday night and brought them up to the jail. One was found to have been beggrag and received a slight sentence and the other three were released. The fi re alarm last Saturday evening was caused by the burning of a small barn belonging to Christian Roth, of the second ward . A cow and a couple of hogs were cremated. Tne loss was about $200. Mr. Eh Moore, manager of Ann Arbor Agricultural Company, returned Wednesday evening from a business trip to Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison, and reports the prosDects favorable for a large agricultural impliment trade. Sarah E. Lane, of Milan complained of Ollie Turner, of same place, for slander. The examination will be held August 13th at 11 o'clock. In return Ollie Turner complained of Sarah Lane for assault and batlery . Examination next Monday at 1 o'clock Miss Adele Leslie. daughter of John Leslie, of Webster, died in Detroit last Saturday, where she was visiting friends. She was taken with an attack of phthisis, from which she passed away. She was twenty-seven years of age. The funeral services were held at her father's residence in Webster, Monday af ternoon . Alfred Thomas, one of our best colored citizens, died last Saturday, aged fifty-one years eight months and one day. The funeral services were held Monday af ternoon from the A. M. E. church. Mr. Thomas was for a long time a cook at the Cook House and showed himself a thorongh m aster of the art. He was respected by the community. O. L. Mattbews, who has built up such an extensive pension business iere, removes his office to Lansingnext week. Since Mr. Matthews entered tbe business he has secured quite a number of claims for deserving aoldiars iere, and now feels that there is a better opening for him in Lansing. He will be in the city once a month to transact pension business. Mrs. John Keenan died Wednesday, August 8, of nervous prostration, aged 48 years, 6months, andl8days. Funeral services were held this morning at 8 o'clock at St. Thomas' church. The remains were taken to the Northfield cemetery for burial. She was the daughter of Mrs. Julia Shannahan and sister of Mrs. Jas. McKernan, Mrs. A. Moe, tírs. Guiñan, of Grand Ledge, and John Shannahan, of Nortbfield. The Two Sams, of this city, have a branch store in Alpena. Says the Alpena Pioneer: The disagreeableyfish bugs" which iave deluged the city for the past week covered the Windows at the "Two Sams" Saturday night. A tall, lank specimen of humanity noticed the clouds of them ejathering on the windowB and stopped, gazed on them for a moment, and as he turned away remarked, "VVhatdo these durn things come here for? Low prices?" The firoprietors are said to have answered ihe question in the affirmative. At the annual meeting of the Ann Arbor Business Men's Association held at thfl court house last Friday evening, N. J. Kyerits president presided. After the report of the treasurer was made, showing that he had received and expended $207.53, the following offlcers vereelected: T. J. Keech, president; Frederick Schmid, vice-president; Gilbert Bliss, Ree. Sec; E. K. Frueauff, Cor. sec; A. L. Noble, treasurer: and J. E. Beal, director. Articles of association were filed this week ;With , the county clerk by the First Baptist church, of Ann Arbor. Oh May 30th last the Corporation known as the First Baptist church and society of Ann Arbor, Michigan, was legally dissolved and a new Corporation organized under the laws of 1879. The property of the church is held under the new articles of incorporation by a board of nine trustees, six of whom are deacons. The trustees for this year are C. M. Stark, W. H. Freeman, U. B.Dodsley, W.H. Dorrance, V. ML Spaulding, J. G. Paltengill, P. Snauble, J. B. Cady and W. W. Beman. A cartoon by A. L,. Alexander, oi Webster, a former republicau, hung in the Argus office, has attracted considerable attention this week. It is the procession for the white house. Cleveland leads the procession on a noble horse. Harrison is on a raging bul labeled "Monopoly" whichheis urging f orward as f ast as he can . His hat has fallen off and he appears the picture of distress. The labor candidato has started out to walk it, while Belva Lockwood is riding in a small cart drawn by two hens. Fisk is seated sackward on a mulé tied to a large whiskey jug labeled "ftepublican Free Whiskey." There is an air of animation about the group. Last week the Washtenaw Post told a bear story. Discoverers of bear, our soldier hoys; place of dlscovery, camp Luce. But the Post said nothing about the discovery on the same evening of a monkey, at the top of one of the tent poles. The most plausible supposition was that he had escaped from some organ Jgrinder as he would doff his hat and scratch his ear in the most orthodox manner. Hecould ia no way beindueed to descend until' 'lemon cake" was suggested, (and this sugestión, by the way, seems to contain the heart of the mystery) when he carne mmbly down, but suffered a mighty tranaformation, for his captors were amazed to find in him our genial Will Kennedy.