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The Carriers' Routes

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New routes have been laid out for the carriers by Postmasler Duffy. The following is the route as revised: Carrier No. 1. Frank ü'Ilearn. Delivers on the following streets: W. side of Main trom Huron to Liberty; Fourth, Fifth, División and west side of State st. from Huron to William; Washington and Liberty from M iin to State. Carrier No. 2. George Blum. West side Main st., and Second, First, west Second, westThird, west Jbourth, west Fifth, Jewett ave., all from Huron to Madisou; and Washington, Liberty, William, Jefferson and Madisou from Main to Jewett ave ; Packard from Main to DivisiOQ and also Fourth and Fifth from Packard to Madison st. Carrier No. 3. James O'Kane. East side of División st. from Hurou to North; State, Thayei, Ingalls and Twelfth from North University to North st.; Lawrence, Catharine and Ann from División to Ingalls; Huron, Washington and North University ave. from State to Twelfth st Carrier No. 4. Asa Allen. West side of División and all of Fifth and Fourth streets, from Huron to Detroit; all of Detroit st. and the 5th ward. Carrier No. 5. Joseph A. Polhemus, E. side of Main, and all of Fourth, Fifth, División, from William to Fackard; Thompson, Maynard and the W. side of State streel from Liberty to Packard street, William from Main to State; Jefferson from Fifth to State; Madi3on from División to State; Monroefrom Packard to State; and Packard :rom División to State street. Carrier No. 6. Chris. T. Donnelly, E. side of State from S. University to Hill; also Tuayer, Ingalls and Twelfth tosame; E. University Avenue, Church and Forest street from Washtenaw Avenue to Hill street; S. University Avenue, Monroe and Hill from State to Washtenaw Avenue: all of College and Wilmot streets; Geddes Avenue and Volland from Washteuaw Avenue to Observatory street; also Fourth from Ann to Huron, N. side of Huron from Fourth to State. Carrier No. 7. William L. Baxter. Fifth an Fourth f rom Detroit to Depot street; Main from Huron to Depot street; all of First and Second north of Hurou street; all of Huron west of Main; Pontiac, Summit and Depot sts. from Main to Detroit street; Miller Avenue west of Main; Spring and Fountain from Miller Ave. to Hiscock; Cherry, Felch and Hiscock from Spring to Fountain.