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HENÜY RICHARDS ! No. 9 Detroit Street Dealer in all kinds of HARDWOOD LUUBEft, FENC2 FOSTS. ETC, Alsolall kinds of STOVE AÍÍT CORD WOOD. TermsCa6h, I am agent ior the Celebrated km Ut, ::,: Mom! And keep a fu 11 line of Repairs for the same. FWIÏH A SPECIALTY AT OSCAE, 0. SORG'S DEALER IN All Painters' Supplies 70 S. MAIN ST. Plans for Frescoing furnished on application. "CHICAGO TRUSS." New Spiral {Kvag, Approvcab; Spring Truss. BÍ CTjaJthe highest Hard Rubber oZ-í Medical AuPad; Light, t . tnority.Worn Clean, Du rublo aMBB iay &nd mght Cool, Cheap. HBIV byan Infant a week old or an Adult 80 years . Easily adi usted. It meets all forms of Scrotal, Fermoral, Inguinal. and Umbilical Hernia, in both Infants and Adults. Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases . Anv desirable pressure obtained. OurLadies Umbilical Trues is a grand success. If your druggist does not keep tnis Truss, enclose stamps and address, CHICAGO TRUSS COMPANY 1 E. RAXDOLPH STREET. CHICAGO, ILL. Office same place. T. Y. KAYNE, Manager. Sold by Anu Arbor Druggiats. JOHN W. HUÏNÏT, DEALEK HARDWARE, NO. 6 S MAIN T., Gr AS rriTTIItfG AND PLUMBING, Nails, Iron, Steel, Glass, Pumps, Gas and Water Pipes, Shovels, Farming ïools and Buüders' Materials. LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSIT CO. THEGREA1 DULUTH ROUTE. Intended saihngs f steamers from Detroit for Sault Ste. Mftj-io'nd other Lake Superior ports: Mondays, Th irsdaj'S, Fridays, Saturdays, and altérnate Wednesdays 10:30 p. m., central time. For Cleveland, Erie nnd Buffalo: Sundays, s, S iturdays and altérnate Fridays atöp. m., conti il time, inakintt railroad counections for ponts Ea6t and South. Rail connections at SV-shrurn and Duluth ïfr St. Paul, Minneapolis, Pacltic coast and pointe on Northern Pacific R. H., Manitoba, &c. Baggage checked to dostlnation. For tickets and other information apply to J. T. WHIT1NG, Gen'l irent. Doek and offlce,33 West Atwater St.. bel -veen Griswold & Shelby Detroit, Mwh


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