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"blinky" Morgan Hanged

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Columbus,' Ohio, Aug. 4 - Charles, alias "Blinky" Morgan, the principal figure in the Ravenna rescue anil the murder of Detective Hulligan, of Cleveland, Ohio, was executed at the Ohio penitentiary shortly after midnigbt. The prisoner spent a quiet day, refusing to see visitors exeept those with whom he had beeu intimat and who had taken an interest in the commutation bis sentence. To all with whom he talked he protested his ini nocence of the crime. Morgan made out an order" turning nis body over to Dr. Clemmer, the physician of the prison, with the request that it be used for the benefit of the sciences and afterward cremated. After giving the order he reeeived a letter from Nellie Lowery, of Cleveland, who is reputed to have been his mistress, as icing that hia body be sent to her. She had been ref used the pleasure of seeing him alive, and she claimedthat it was no more than right she should see his face after death. Morgan changed his mind after reading the letter and asked the physician to relinquish his claim, which was done. The execution was witnessed by thlrty persons. Morgan was on the scaffold when the spectators entered the execution departmen He looked like a high-toned gentleman dressed for an evening ball. The warrant was read, and Morgan ref used to say a word, but stood like a statue as the ropes were adjusted. When all was ready, the cap drawn down, and the rope began to tighten, Morgan spoke in a loud tone, "Good-bye, Nellie," ánd passed through the trap. The work was not a success. The body writhed in the greatest agony and the legs jerked, while the arms swung and the hands clutched. He slowly strangled to death.


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