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"Try Ayer's Pilis" For Rlieumatisin, Neuralgia, and Gout. Stephen Lansing, oí Yonkers, X. Y., says : " Recommended as a cure for chronic Ostiveness, Ayer's Pilis liave relieved niu trom that trouble and also froin Gout. If every victira of tliis disea-se woúld heed only three words of mine, I could banish Gout from the land. These Words would bo - 'Try Aver'3 Pilis.' " "By the use of Ayer's Pilis alone. I cured myself permanently of rheumatisin which liad troubled me severa! inonths. These Pilis are at once harmlesa and effectual, and, I belleve, would prove a specitic in all cases of incipient Rheumatism. No medicine could liave served me in better stead." - C. C. Bock, Corner. Avoyelles Parish, La. C. F. Hopkins, Nevada City, writes " I have used Ayer's Pilis for sixteen years, and I think they are the best Pilis in the world. We keep a box of tliera in the house all the time. They have cured me of sick headache and neuralgia. Since taking Ayer's Pilis, I have been free frora these coinplaints." " I have derived great benefit from Ayer's Pilis. Five years ago I was taken so ill with rheumatism that I was unable to do any work. I took three boxes of Ayer's Pilis and was entirely cured. Since that time I am never without a box of these pills." - Peter Christensen, Sherwood, Wis. Ayer's Caihartic Pills, PREPARED EY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Dealers in Medicine. piRE INSURANCE. CHRISIÁÑ MACK, Agent for tnt follwinf First Class Companie representing over twenty-eijht Million Dollar Assosts, issues policies at the lowefit ratea .Etna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Phila 3,1 18,713,00 Germania of N. Y 2,700,729.60 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.00 London Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.60 N. Y. Underwritors, N. Y. 2,596,679.W National, Hartford 1,774,505,00 Phenix.N.Y.' 3,759,036 jWSpecial attention glven t the insurance af dwellines, school, churches and public building! on ternu of three and fir yeare. MonumentsafStatuary. SCIENTISTSASx rp Marblecr pfYríf--j-G R AN ITE . ■ ■ WHITE BRONZE m MokumentS Teok flrst premiums t the Ann Arbor and Chelsea Fairs. Not being porous like ston, they can not absorb moisture, grow moss. nor crumble and will Pefy Tha Tooth of Tinte FOR CENTURIES. B.CXJLT, A.O-E3STT 6 E. Washington, over Rinsej and Seabolt's, 1ÍO1SÍEY PEE. You never can obtain, except at fabulous prices, coffee that will better suit your taste than the celebrated Uní Bee Ciee SOLD BT e. WagNeh, who is making tea m m a iimn. He also has a fine line of Groceries and Provisions, Glassware, Tobacco, etc. The proof of the pudding is the eating, so try buying your groceries of - WAGIVTER, 33 S Main Street, Ann Arbor. "P Jf B i BOOK AGE1ÍTS ■ "■ " HIGH TERMS Agenta wh hare ha fina mecéis skould wnte uiin a lkttcb (no postal caras) ñames of books, date, nuntber ola in wht time, whut tenas received (full f abtiovlabs), md tim iiom no nbw í-lkn and bxtkavbdiiVaet viscounts to ketter theinselvca in aad fast-Mlllac kookt. HKNRY BUCKJLIN A CO., 6T. LOÜIS, MO %# fcl Bca T ut h9ni,andBiake mre niauej II llatworEiO. , than at amjtliing clsin I 0 U thia world. Capital not needed ; tu are started lree. Both sexea, all ages. Anyen can do the work. Large ea mines sure f rom ñrat atart. outat and terms free. Better not delay. Costa you nothlng to aend us yur aédreas and flnd out; il you nr -riae yu will do no atnc. H. Hadlet t Co.. Pcrtland, Main Agents Wanted for tne most complete popular family physician book erer produced. Select Mmethlng tbobooquly USKTDL, of mfl TALOE, and aalea are always aure and Urge. ENTIBKLY NEW, up to the Tery latest íciense, yet in plain language. A GEEAT NOVKLTY in all it pat and attiacta instant attention. 250 engravings. The most profusely and beautifullv illustrated book of the kind eTer got up. BEST Or ALL, it i BY FAK the LOWEST PKICED erer publUhd-4e tban half the oost of anr decent Tolume j-et out. Agents who are tlred of strugcling with bighpriod books, rite for particular of thls great new departur in fcookaellinr. rLANBT PUBLIBHING CO. 203 Pin Street, ST. LOUIS, MO. SCday'i time gÍTes Agenta without capital.


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