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THE CREAM OF iLL BOOKS OF ADVENTUREl Condensed Into One Volume. PIONEER' , DARING HÉROES SAlldDEEDS. The tbrilling adTeutures of al! the hero exp'r" ere and frontier flghterewith lDciins, outlaws wild bets, over nur Trhule country, froni " earliest times 10 the present. Livea and wit exploitsof DeSoto, I,aSaU,Standiaij, Boone, Kenl" on, Brody, Crocite, Bowie, HsUm. Carao. Custer, California Joe, Wild Bill, Búllalo B1H, Oenersls Milt 8 and Crook, creat Inuian Chiefs and ko of othera. SPLKKD1ULT ILLUM'IIATED with 220 fiDe enürmrings. AGEhTb WAMED. Low-piiced, and beat auything tosell. Tlm ior pajraentB allowed anents shürt of toa. H. SCAMMELL&CO., St. LOUIS, MO. STEPHXX PBMTS STKÁH B01LBK WOBXS (Estïblished 1865.) ManuPr f Hif;h and Uw Krei6ure and Steiim HeatinR Boilers t all kinis; jke pipes, breachïngs, etc. Old bilers take i exchange for new. Rivets, boiler platcs and Wiler tubes for sale. Cor. Foundry st , nd Mich. CetiJ R. R. tracks. DETROIT MICH. . Whr yu shoId lení ni yon orders. W haodle _ iothiiir but BEST nd CHOICEST BRANDS; Snt MtnufacturMf' Ind Importen' mee; ■5 Sh'P 0NE DAY'S NOTICE. enablinf BBBFiU .tdeit fol ALL. KINDS ! IamortedV H M knd Americlm BPj ■■7 r.lKhed rLAT. ■■1 ■W. R.ut nt Ribb1 VB Irrmch Window, H&H.BB can Wtndvw. EBfltsti aé . BAVH Eiaraclled, Cut od Embossed. fH.VK RitedC&ttaJral. Veaetian, MuAea, H I-roUed Bwhemian. Germam Lltinf B Glau ritte. Freach Mirror Plktes. H Th auality, Ttrioty tad qutatity af #uf t#c is cxLCcdtd by ■ kous In th United Sutes. WM. HEID, 73 A 75 Uraad trt.l W1, ETROIT, MIOH. T.s.-Td lm rik$. H. Uoubl ta I cm pondeacw


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