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What Mr. Hamilton Said

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Mr, rTamilton, superintendent of the water works, was seen by an Argus reporter vesterday and to his query of "what have you got to say about the health offlcer's report," said: "I think they are a yery unreasonable set of human beings. If I were to express myself as I feel I should do some cussing. They.know there is no such state of affairs as they represent. The pasture they talk of is a forty acre field ana there are only six or seven head of young cattle in it. There are sixty rods of water running through the field besides the spring water which we use. I built the fence they talk of under the direction of the board of health and filled stones around the bend as they directed. It is a √ľne running stream. If they object to the water let them analize it. I am thoroughly disgusted. We have spent $30,000 outside of the city limits in our endeavors to get good water and have laid between four and flve miles of pipe outside of the city limits. The pipe that they claim draias the barn yard has been shut off and no water has been used f rom it. In f act it was used only one day to flush the resorvoir while the men were cleaning it out. The baru is used only during the winter. I would be glad to have a committee of the council or of citizens inspeet the Allen spring at my expense ?nd if they say it is not good water, I will shut it off but will never do it by order of the board of health . My back is way up on my shoulders."


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