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The Eager Multitude Pay Homage To Equine Sagacity

The Eager Multitude Pay Homage To Equine Sagacity image
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And the only entertainment that receives the patronage and sincere indorsement of clergymen, lawyers, physiciaus, scientists, tradesmen and philosophers, ladies and children, and the unsnlicited endorsement of Humane Societies. Windsor Theatre, lioston, January 1 to Maren 26, 1883, three months, 112 performances, 121,209 persons. Eleven weeks in Philadelphia, four engagements, 97 performances, 94,803 persons. Seveu months in New York, two engagements, 239 performances, 229,376 persons. Boston Theatre, one month, June I to June 29, 1884 41 performances. 81,269 persons. First week, 10 performances, 19.679 persons. Second week, 11 performances, 24,876 persons. Third week, 10 performances 21,609 persons. Fourth week, 10 performances ,15,105 persons. Utica, X. Y., 9 performances, 12,136 persons. Columbus, Ohio, 9 performances, 12,517 persons. Peoria, 111., 9 performances, 10,732 persons. Reading. Pa., 10 performances, three on Saturday, 10,211 persons. Hartford, Conn., 8 performances, 9,742 persons. Chelsea, Mass., 9 performances, 10,181 persons. Salem, Mass., 11 performances, three on Tuesday, 10,921 persons. Brockton, Mass., 9 performances, 9,672 persons. Providence, rt. I., 8 performances, 9,791 persons. . New Bedford, Mass., 8 performances, 9,340 persons. Lynn, Mass., 9 performances, 11,802 persons. Theadvauce sale was over 1,000 Monday morning on arnval of company. Lowell, Mass., 9 performances, 10,072 persons. Spnng├╝eld, Mass., 8 performances, 8,982 persons. Wheeling, VVest Virginia, 9 performances, 8.874 persons. Columbia Theatre, Chicago, 111., 9 formances, 12,117 persons. Omaha, Neb., 10 performances, 10,809 persons. Terre, Haute, Ind., 9 performances, 8,930 persons. Cleveland, Ohio, 18 performances, 16,721 persons. Dayton, O., 9 performances, 7,984 persons. Wilmington, Deleware, 9 performances, 12,717 persons. ├╝range, N. J., 9 performances, 8,716 persons. Trenton, N. J., 8 performances, 9,491 persons. Harnsburg, Pa., 9 performances, 10,985 persons. L'ortland, Maine, 9 performances, 9,261 persons. Pawtucket, R. I., 9 performances, 8,257 persons. VVorcester, Mass., 9 performances, 10,434 persons. Bangor, Maine, 9 performances, 9,737 persons. Gardiner, Maine, population 4,879, 9 performances to 11,238 persons. The people of the surrounding country suspended business and their different vocations and came on special trains, wagons, carriages,on horseback and on foot. The actual attendance was over three times the population of Gardiner and the receipt weie S3.990.10. This list could be continued for a tour of over three years during which the attendance was at no time less than 7.214 persons ii one week. These wonderful horses that have delightei1 over a milhon people, and that do everythins but talk will appear for one week at the opera house commencing Monday, August 20th. They also give performances "ednesday nd Saturday afternoon.


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