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Shall Second Street Be Opened?

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In order to ascertain the drift of public sentiment about a matter which should be of more ttaan 'ordinary intereit to the taxpayers of the city, to-wit: the opening of Secoud street, an Argus reporter went the rounds of the city and interviewed some of our citizens upon the subject. We give their views in their own words: Martin Halier- "I haven"t thought niuch about it, but believe it would be for the benefit of the city." E. B. Hall- "I think that it should be done. I think that Mr. Ashley's letter was very business-like and fair." Chris. Overbeck- "If the company will build a good depot. I think the city ought to open the street." Wm. Arnold- "Am in favor of opening the street if they build a decent depot." George Feiner- "Am in accord with the mayor. We could use our money better for other purposes unless they build a ñrst class depot." N. B. Beers- "Well, the city will have to open the street some time, aud might as well do it now." J. F. Schuh- "It would cost considerable to open the street, and then that is no place for a depot. It should be at the end of Main street. " E. E. Eberbach- "If they would build an $8,000 depot, I think the city would proflt by opening the street." J. G. Koch- "It would be better for the city to open the street than to keep the present depot, which is a nuisance." Christian Mack- "I think they ought to put up a better depot than they propose." Wm. G. Dieterle- "Don't think the city ought to spend the money necessary to open the street for the depot proposed. The street is of no benefit to anybody but the railroad company." A. L. Noble - "Under the present state of the city's finalices, I would hardly approve of itata cost of S2,(0J or $2,500 to the city, when we only get a depot worth 83,000 or $8,500.." John Burg- "Am not in ravor of laying out a pile of money for the acconimodation of the railroad compauy." Moses Seabolt- "I don't care a d- n." David fíinsey- "Haven't thought anything about it, so haven't anything to say." C. W. Wagner- "Think we need a new tiepot, but dou't think the city I ought to be asked to do so much to gain so little.'" V. V. Wines- "If our council don't know what to do, they had better resign." Philip Bach- '-Am decidedly opposed to it. It is of nobody's benefit but the railroad's. There would be few in favor of it if they thoroughly uuderstood the facts of tlie case." Edward Treadwell- "lam opposed to the city's opeuiug it at the city's expense." Aretus Dunn- "Don't think I would go to the expense of opening it. It would not help the city." John W. Hunt- "Ain opposed to it. I signed fcthe petition, but it was with, the understanding tüat they were to put up a depot." D. Cramer- "I am opposed to the city giving at the bid of every party. The commoD eouncil ought to be more economical with the money belonging to the city than they would with their own. The opening of the street would do the city no good, and it should not be to any expense." E.B. Pond- "Don't think the city has any money to open the street with." W. K. Childs- "If the city goes to such an expense, it ought tó have a more liberal proposition." Edward Duffy- "Am decidedly opposed to it. It's a useless expense of public money for the benefit of a corporation which has already received large bequests from the taxpayers of the city of Aun Arbor. Dr. VV. B. Smith- "If the city goes to such an expense, the railroad company ought to put up a better depot." J. J. Bobison- "Haven't studied that subject enough to form any opinión." F. J. Schleede- "I am not iu favor of the city"s incurring the expense. " A. D. Seyler- "A good depot would be a decided improvement to the city and I would be in favor of helping to wards that end." W. H. Mclntyre- "Well, I"m opposed to that."


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