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Death Of Mrs. Risdon

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Mrs. Alice C. Risdon, widow of the late L.C. Risdon, died last Fnday of cholera niorbus, after a brief illness, aged seventy-oue years. At the time of her being taken ill her attention was taken up with a fine new residence now in process of erection on the corner of Fourth and Liberty streets and yet uncompleted. Mrs. Kisdon had rnany friends in the city. The funeral services were held at six o'clock Suaday i afternoon in St. Andrevv's church. Mrs. Risdon's will ieaves 820,000 to herniece, Mrs. Ella Hill Kingsley,of Paola, Kan., $16,000 to her niece, Isabella Davis, of Kenton, Coun. ,S3,500 to edúcate John V. Kansbottorn Beers, 5500 to each of five meces, S300 to each of three nephews, and S500 to each of four nephews, $10,000 will bedivided equally between the three sons and daughters of the late Airs. Kansbottoni. The will also appropriates 54,000 for a burial lotiniprovements and monument. The exeeutors are Henry S. Dean and George Kingsley. The estáte is estimated as worth over $70,000.