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Salem. - George Bemos, of" Cleveland, has been visiting at Newell Withie's. Mooreville.- Mrs, M. DavenDort Lansing. - Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff, of Mason, have been visiting their sister, Mrs. Milton Phillips. - Miss Lottie Newton, of Clifton Springs, N. Y., has been visting her mother here. Bridgewater. - Oliver Holmes, of Chicago, has been visiting his aunt, Mis. Delleyham. - Anscl Mills bas gone to Oregon. - Mrs. Mary Westfall, of Grand Rapids, has been visiting at her fathers, H. Katner's. - Mr. and Mrs. Lee Conklin, of Hillsdale, spent a few days in town recently. Lima. - Charles Hawley has returncd from Illinois. - A. B. chell has been back from his Kansas trip for several weeks. - Mrs. Dooñbush, of Dayton, has been visiting her sistsr, Mrs. Manie Mitchell. - Dr. H. A. Page has removed to Chelsea. - Mrs. Sallie A. Grane, of Port Huron, is visiting her brother, George H. Mitchell. Saline.- Eugene Helber has gone to England. - Miss Ida Shepherd has been visiting in Charlotte. - Miss Mollie Donaldson has been visiting in Grand Rapids. - Mrs. John Davidson, of Tecumseh, has been visiting at her brothers, Supervisor DePuy's. - Mrs. Davidson and daughter are visiting in Onsted. - Geo. Cobb, of Traverse City, is visiting his parents in Saline. Dexter.- Prof. E. C. Thompson has been in Saginaw and Fenton this week.- Mrs. VVm. Van Fleet, is visiting in Cincinnati, Ohio. - Miss Ida T. Deckert, of Buffalo, has been visiting Miss Lizzie Deckert. - Mrs. A. Stevens, of Holland, has been visiting friends here.- Will Neeb, of Battle Creek, visited here last week - Michael Hoy left for Chicago last week. Yvsii.anti. - Mrs. George Walterhouse is visiting ín Quincy, 111. - Misses Ella McKay and Jennie Bell are visiting in íay City.- Miss Nellie Watts, of Jackson, is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. C. Parsons.- Mrs. Isaac Wertman, is visiting in Little Falls, N. Y. - Walter Cheever, of Three Rivers, visited at his father's, Wm. Cheever's, last week. - Clinton Eider, of New Vork city, was the guest of Mayor Bogardus last week.- Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Lucking and daughter are enjoying a lake trip. - Misses Eva and Hattie Webb, of Buffalo, N. Y., have been visiting Mrs. F. K. Ovren.- M. E. Phillips, of St. Louis, has been ing M. DePew. - Miss Clara Goodspeed bas been visiting Detroit friends. - Miss, E. D. Bliss, of Jackson, has been visiting her brother A. Stuck.- Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Gilhert and Miss Dane visited in Marine City last week.- Mrs. A. A. Bedell and son are visiting in Adrián. - T H. Goodspeed is visiting in Washington, New York and other eastern cities.


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