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Dyspepsia ; Makes tlie Uves of many people miserable, ' and often leads to seLE-destruction. Distress after eating, sour stomach, sick headacüe, heartburo, loss of appetite, afaint, " all gone" feeliug, bad taste, coated tongue, and irregularity of the bowels, are DiStreSS some of the more common fter symptoms. Dyspepsia does _ . not get well of itself. It Eating requires careful, persistent attention, and a remedy like Hood's Sarsaparilla, which acts gently, yet surely and efficiently. It tones the stomach and other organs, regulates the digestión, creates a good appetite, and by thus SÍCk overcomlng the local „ . .,_ toms removes the neanacne ■ thetie effects of the disease, banishes the headaehe, and reireshes the tired mind. " I have been troubled with dyspepsia. I , had but little appetite, and what I did eat u ._ distressed me, or did me ■ HearC" littie gOOd. in an hour blirn after eating I would experience a faintness, or tired, all-gone teeling, asthoughlhadnoteatenanything. ble, I think, was aggravated by my business, , which is that of a painter, and irom being more or less shut up in a SOUT room with fresh paint. Last e4.____-,spring I took Hood's OTOmacn rilla- took three bottles. It did me an immense amount of good. It gave me an appetite, and my food relished and satisfied the craving I had previously experienced." George A. Tage, Watertown, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparüla Sold by all druggists. f ; six f or g5. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mas. IÓO Doses One Dollar p WAGNEE&BEO. Manufacturers of CarrLagss5 Wip ú Juggiog. Ol'K WORK IS FIHST-CLASS. 1EP.W II HOMBOEUt A SPECIAr.TV. 35, 37 and 39 First Street, .TT ARBOR. -jr SIMPSOX A: CO. SIGN WRITERS AND DECORATORS. Flags & Political Banners a Specialty. C-UTIOU. Beware of Fraud. os my lyime and the price arestampedon the bóttooi o! all my aavertised shoës bofore lnviiiif the fnctory, whioh pioteo1 the wearers rtgaitist htgh prices and inferior ffOOds. It' a dealer otters W. L. Doufflae enoea at a reduïed price, or says he has tlicni without my name and prtce stumped on the bottoin, put him down as a iraud. W. L. DOÜCLAS S3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. The only hnc caif 3 Seaiuless Sioe in the world mude without tacks or uail. As stylïsh ;unl cliuMble is thoáe costina $5 or $, and havinff no tocks or nails to wear the stockinv orhurt the feet, makes them ;is comfortable and well-fittlng as ;i hand sewed shöe, Buy the btst. None L,r--nuine unless stamped oiibottom 'W. L. Doulas $3 tShoe, warranted." HV. tr. IoujflaHíi4 Slioe. th orieinaJ and onlv hand sewed welt $4 slioe, which equals enstom made shoes costina froin $6 to $9. w.L.OoiiKlaH S250 Hlioe is unexcellcd fr heavy wear. V. I.. nuKla 62 Slioe is wornbv all boys, and is the best schol shoe in the world. Á1I tlie above g-tiodsare made in Contfress, Button and Lace, and ifnt sold bv your dealer, write V. C UouIaKt, Brocktoii, llass. POB SALEÏiY ' WILLIAM RHEINHARDT & COC ?oLYEARB00KS Full of ioformatioD. Discuiloo of grent rroblims, Rrerv otudêDtand teachvr sbouM it. IuniM:ti in frcit ra uk of Collega!. Tuitinn tree. Poitugt of r Botlï four oiuu. L. S. FISKE, PEJESIDE.NT, ALEIOS, JIICH.


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